Day 12 of organizing: DIY Sunburst Mirror

Ok so it’s a bit of a stretch to fit this one into my month of organizational posts, but let’s just go with the fact that it was spread over several days and I had to work that into my two job a day schedule. Yeah.

Also, I’ve linked this post up with Fall Pinterest Challenge¬†and you totally should go check out the (soon to be, I’m sure) hundreds of other crafty projects. Though I completed this about a week early, it’s something I had pinned FOR LIKE A YEAR so in my book it counts :)

Getting back on track…

I saw this post on Ten June blog way back when and immediately knew I wanted to make one of my very own (with a twist, of course):

When we first moved into the home we had to fix the drywall in the basement, so I bought a huge bundle of wood shims and had a ton left over. Also, in our old apartment I had a bunch of little circle mirrors from Target hanging in our bedroom but then once we moved they got put in a closet until further notice. Put those babies together and you’ve got a F-R-E-E DIY project! My favorite!

I took a bunch of wood shims and used Gorilla Glue to attach them in the shape I wanted.

I made a square base of three (approximately) 6-inch long wood shims to start with, then I slowly layered on more shims throughout the day. I put about 2-3 at a time, then weighed it down with a heavy book for an hour to dry, then repeated that step over and over until it was finished. It’s about 3 piles deep, so only about 2 inches thick when all is said and done. I let it dry completely overnight for 2 days before the next step.

Terrible weather called for hand painted priming. Boo! Hiss!

I lightly sanded the whole piece just to get stray splinters off, but I was going for a sort of weathered/reclaimed look so I didn’t make it perfectly smooth. Unfortunately it rained for a week so I resorted to priming with regular paint instead of my BFF Kilz spray primer, and while I was at it I primed a few other things I had on my to-do list.

The next day it cleared up enough for me to spray on 3 thin coats of pure white Rustoleum spray paint in a satin finish.

Once the spray paint was dry I used a hot glue gun to attach the mirror to the front and Gorilla Glue to attach the hook to the back. The hook was just the original backing to the mirror that I scraped off to reuse.


Here she blows:

Ooooh! Ahhhh!

And a little farther away:

I put it where my DIY shutters used to be (don’t worry, the shutters are going to a lovely new home) to sort of center and simplify the room.

On the wall itself it’s a bit small, but paired with the zebra chairs and gallery wall it adds the right amount of oomph for the space:

What do you think? Love it? Hate it? Don’t care? Does that wall need a stencil too?

I’d love to know. :)


And since we’re about halfway through the month, here’s a little recap of my month of Organization, inspired by The Nester:

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I’m linking up with the “Make It” link party!

20 thoughts on “Day 12 of organizing: DIY Sunburst Mirror

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  4. This looks fab! your whole room is the zebra chairs and the picture wall. I would mix glaze into that paint you have on the wall and do stripes. then it would only be seen in certain lights…you know what I mean?! Stencil might be too much against the zebra. Or maybe small stencils or bflies randomly on that wall..hmmm…a darker gray [it looks gray to me] bfly then white accents like polka dots on the wings..teehee..I know what I would do and am excited, but explain it!! Sorry!!! Another great job!! Thanks for showing!

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  8. Hi there! Stenciling that wall would be awesome sauce! If you’re a bit worried about your stenciling genius, I would go for a soft metallic silver paint or maybe just “Wheat Bread” paint but in glossy. It’ll be subtle, but give the wall that little something extra. You could always do the board and batten thing, too. Or! Maybe just a chair rail molding in white or black and then a deeper color on the bottom half of the wall. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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  10. Beautiful! I love the gray, white, and black color palette you used in the room. I think the wall could use something else too…not sure what, though.

    • It’s Wheat Bread by Behr… I think I got it in a matte finish by accident (I usually go with Satin) but I love it. Then in the front entrance I have White Truffle by Behr.
      Wheat Bread is the darkest on the swatch, White Tuffle is the lightest. :)

    • I did get my cutter! I am dying to play with it but I just haven’t had the time yet.
      I want to do the duct tape, but I am a bit intimidated by it. I’m thinking maybe even a partial stencil, but oh they’re so hard.

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