Halloween House Tour



In this house we love Halloween. I mean we LOVE it. I love the goofy, the scary. the cliche- all of it. So I put the word out to blogland and found a few other bloggers that feel the same- and today all 6 of us are sharing Halloween House Tours. Be sure to check out links to their blogs at the bottom of this post!

Get yourself a cup of blood… err, I mean coffee. Settle in. And prepare for a lot Halloween house pictures.

This is the room you step into when you enter the house (the door is just cut out of the left side of this picture). It only has 3 walls, so it opens directly into the kitchen and provides a lot of extra entertaining space.


gray and white sunroom striped walls halloween decorations

The cauldron is holding all our pumpkin carving supplies- we host a big pumpkin carving party every October. The bats are card stock I cut out with my Silhouette cameo and the vampire in the same window is from the dollar store. Spiderwebs  are all strategically placed out of the cats reach. ;)

AH! BUT WAIT! There’s something you can’t quite see in this shot:

easy tissue paper ghost DIY

I wanted something for the bay window that was large scale, but that wouldn’t block out all the light. A few pieces of tissue paper and some freehand cutting gave me two great big ghosts. Huzzah!

halloween window displayOur window is so cheesy and awesome I can’t even take it. The sign on the left I got and the one on the right was gifted to me. The cookie canister was an apartment warming gift from a friend many years ago, and the black vine we actually just got from a friend this weekend– thanks Michelle!!

halloween serving tray


On the bar are these awesome napkins (also from a friend- are you seeing a gifts-for-Stephanie trend yet? lol) and some little plastic ants from the dollar store.

Since the kitchen opens up into the sunroom, we couldn’t very well not decorate it….

halloween decor in the kitchenOh look, there’s a napping cat on the chair. Heyyy Luigi!

Would you care for a spot of tea?

halloween decorations decorThat’s Matt’s pumpkin mug- and don’t you dare drink from it! The other two mugs were another house warming gift (Seeeee how enabled my Halloween obsession is!!)

Let’s check out the table area a little more closely too…

halloween kitchen table

Andddd we’re not quite done yet because there’s a little display on the counter as well…

kitchen halloween decorations

And lest you think we stop there… here’s one last picture. A wide shot of our living room (also open to the kitchen and sunroom):

halloween decor living roomFrom left to right: a pumpkin on the side table, an old school McDonald’s Halloween bucket on the built in (anyone else still have these kicking around), a skull & cross on the end table, graveyard display in the window, murderous tool banner above the window, and a nice big squeaky rat on the far right end table. Whew!

And that’s just the downstairs. Ahem.



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Designer Insights Interview

fall design trends

I recently did a quick little interview with Terry’s Blinds to talk about my style, where I get inspiration from, and what I’m loving right now….you can check it out here.

I’ve been blogging here for just over 3 years now, and I am surprised at how much I enjoy it. I love sharing my home, with my family that reads here and everyone else that comes too. I’m always surprised at the growing number of people that visit this little site, and I super appreciate it. I hope you all feel like you can do anything in your home too, and if I could send every girl in the world a power drill I would (and the like, 5 dudes that visit this site too, haha.)

Every time I think I’m out of projects about a zillion more pop up and I’m excited about all of them. Currently I have plans to make a cute cabinet for a friend’s mom, a craft crate plant stand, some string art as a gift for a friend… plus I still have to finish both my bathrooms and my basement stairs (I wonder how much longer I can leave them 90% done before Matt’s head explodes? hmmm.) Thanks for coming along for the ride!

In addition to the interview, they asked me to pick out some of my top decor choices for this season, and since several of them are DIY projects I thought I’d link back to them here in case you want to attempt them yourself.

The non-DIY projects are these chairs (which are actually on their way to my house right now!!!! ahhhhh!!) and these amazing looking blankets  (I don’t think I could breathe if I spent that much money on a blanket, but just know that I want to).

As for DIY projects:

diy platform bench

This knockoff Nelson bench popped up in blogland a few months back, and I am obsessed with it. I don’t have the talent for it yet… but I will. 

top pick 4- diy nailhead wall hanging and headboard by sarah dorsey designs

This DIY headboard and feature wall is from Sarah M. Dorsey Designs (about a year back) and it’s what got me hooked on her blog. If you’re not following her yet, you totally should be.

top pick 3- diy copper and wood light by vintage revivals

Mandi from Vintage Revivials just posted this DIY light a few days ago, and it is awesome. Check out the full tutorial here.

…what’s on your wish list this fall?

Halloween: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. I love it more then Christmas. If you’ve been around a while, you may remember this giant DIY window display I made last year:

diy-halloween window display

(See the how to here)

I’ve also been sharing a few sneak peaks of this years’ decorations on my Instagram:

halloween decorations

Welllllllll, I’ve partnered up with 5 other bloggers and we’re all sharing a HALLOWEEN HOUSE TOUR on Monday October 20th!

halloween house tour

I’m so excited these blog friends agreed to play along and I can’t wait to share my house with you and see what these guys came up with! Check back Monday to tour my Halloween decorated house and hop around to all their blogs as well!

And if you want to check any of them out ahead of time, here’s the links:

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Kim @ The Kim Six Fix

Kat & Cam @ Our Nerd Home

Kelly @ This Old Colonial Home

How to Upcycle an Old Frame

I’ve got a real quick and easy DIY for you today- making an old frame new again with just a little paint.

To get right down to it- frames are expensive. Super expensive. So what you should do is keep an eye out at thrift stores for decent frames and get those instead- and don’t just look through the regular old empty frames, look for the ones with the terriblely dated art too. Look beyond that old art and right into a sweet, sweet $3 solid wood frame that there’s no way you could buy anywhere else for that price.

old frame, wooden frame, diy frame


I picked up this bad boy about 4 months ago for $3 at the Habitat Restore and have been hoarding it ever since. The art was old and faded and the wood had seen better days, but I knew with just a little spray paint it could be awesome again.

during Collage


First, I removed all the staples that were holding the art in, then I also removed the hanging wire because I want to display it vertically and not horizontally. I spray primed the whole thing then gave it 3 coats of white paint. After the white was dry I then painted the inside of the frame teal with a leftover test pot I had laying around- I thought it gave it a little extra kick because the pure white was looking a bit stark. Once it was dry I flipped it over and used a staple gun to reattach the hanging wire.

upcycled frame


I got out some leftover black poster board from my Halloween window display and made a mat (matte?), then hung it up right outside our bedroom door with a picture from our wedding.

Our wedding colors were teal and black, so the inside of the frame and the mat are a little homage to that.

If I’m being honest, it’s actually still a little too country looking for my taste, but it’s not in a prominent place in the house so I think I’ll live with it a bit and see if it grows on me.

how to upcycle an old frame


What do you think? Are you ready to run out and scoop up so many cheap frames for your own art? If you are… call me. I’d totally love to come.




PS- If you entered our giveaway under the name Thecape Onthecorner then check your email. Because YOU are winner winner chicken dinner. Congrats!!

DIY Halloween Window Display: How To Guide

Yesterday I shared with you my newest Halloween decoration (and a $200 gift certificate giveaway!!) and today I want to break it down and show you how you can make your very own.

This looks far more complicated then it really is.

This looks far more complicated then it really is.

First up, the BEWARE sign. I bought a $7 plywood drawer insert from Home Depot and had them cut it in half long ways for me (which they do for free).

beware sign

  • Give the boards a quick spray of primer
  • Paint them the color you want your letters to be (I chose silver), then coat it a few times with glow in the dark spray (yes! it works, it’s just impossible to capture on camera).
  • Print out your letters (I just used Microsoft Word and made each letter the size of a piece of paper), then cut them with either scissors or an exacto knife
  • Trace the betters onto your board with a pencil and paint around them in the color of your choice (I chose black)
  • Then do it all over again because you want your project to be 2 sided, so you need 2 signs

That’s it- so easy! No tools needs, just paint and a steady hand.

Next, I got a 4ft x 3ft piece of acrylic in the window section of Home Depot. This was about $30, but you can probably find an old window pane in a Restore or on Craigs List for far, far cheaper then that. I used Rustoleum metallic silver spray paint and a spray bottle with a water vinegar mixture to muss up the board a bit. Then I realized I didn’t take any pictures, so here’s some pictures from the tutorial I used:

see 17 apart blog for more details

see 17 apart blog for more details

You only need to do this on one side of the acrylic sheet because it’s transparent. Once the 2 signs and the acrylic sheet are all dry you need to sandwich all 3 pieces together with spray adhesive, I used 3M adhesive spray that was leftover from another project. After I sprayed them I left it on my kitchen table for about 2 hours to dry (with a bunch of books on top to weigh it down).

Once it’s dry, finally, you have to create the silhouette- the most difficult and time consuming part. Particularly because I went with a twisty, curly, Tim-Burton-y tree.

halloween tree how to

  • I bought double sided poster board so I could see my drawing easier (black on one side, orange on the other). I taped 2 posterboards together then free handed my tree on it with a pencil.
  • I cut out the tree with an exacto knife (which took for-ev-er), then painted the orange side black with craft paint. After it was painted black, I went over it with some Martha Stewart textured metallic paint to give it a little depth.
  • Once your painted tree is dry, adhere it to the acrylic board. This time, I used regular spray adhesive because I felt the 3M stuff was too thick and might do weird stuff to the poster board.
  • Flip your display over- you will be able to see your tree through the acrylic sheet but you will NOT want to cut that nonsense out again. Instead, just paint right on your sheet tracing the outline then filling it in the same as before.
  • Whew! Have yourself a drank, girl. That was a lot of work.

Place in window and decorate!

halloween window display

I know this seems like an excessive amount of work, but honestly I really enjoyed the painting. It was super relaxing and a fun day project. Plus, you can do this for anything- you can make a plywood WELCOME sign to hang above your entryway or you can make a colorful balloween silhouette to announce a birth or birthday. I went with a spooked out Halloween display, but really you can do anything.

Got questions? Leave them in the comments. And- don’t forget to enter THE GIVEAWAY to try and get $200 to either Home Depot or Amazon.com thanks to Coupons.com!!


Linked at House of Rose

Fall DIY Project & $200 GIVEAWAY

Today’s post is so very exciting for me. Coupons.com challenged me and several other bloggers to each create a fall project. They said fall, I chose to hear Halloween. If you’ve been around here since the beginning, you may recall that I love Halloween so much that some decorations stay out in my house all year long. So when I was given $100 to Home Depot to create a project I jumped on it. And then when they said they’d give one of you $200 to make your own project, I jumped up and down.

fall give away2

I came up with the following guidelines for my project:

  • It had to be an indoor decoration because here in Massachusetts Halloween is sometimes rescheduled due to nor’easters- if I put something outside it would probably be ruined by weather immediately
  • It had to be BIG. Go big or go home.

Then I decided I wanted something to fill one of my two bay windows so I added a few more stipulations:

  • It had to be 2 sided so we could enjoy it inside and people outdoors could enjoy it as well
  • Something glow in the dark would be freaking amazing.

Here’s what I came up with:

diy halloween

I apologize for the graininess of the picture- I had to take photos at night so you could see that I mussed up the acrylic, so they’re kind of dark but you can see all the detail on the project itself.

diy window display

BAM! I used a $7 plywood drawer insert cut in half to create the 2 BEWARE signs, a  4ft x 3ft acrylic sheet as the screen, and poster board and paint to create the tree. Then I decked it out with some spiderwebs (also from Home Depot) and a few things I had around the house.

halloween window display

In the interest of not making this post crazy super long, come back tomorrow for the how-to break down :) The sign, the acrylic sheet, and the tree each have a super easy, anyone-can-do-it how to.


NOW HERE’S WHERE IT GETS GOOD. Coupons.com, myself, and all these lovely ladies want to give YOU $200 to either Home Depot or Amazon.com (it’s your choice!) to make your own project:

fall give away

Stephanie – Sandpaper & Glue
Gretchen – Boxy Colonial 
Because I have a terrible issue with coding, you can visit any one of those ladies’ websites today to see their project AND enter the giveaway (it’s free to enter and no email spam nonsense is going to happen! DO IT NOW!).
Also, so much thanks to coupons.com –  a site that I actually do regularly use. Before I go grocery shopping I always, always, always check coupons.com  to make sure I’m saving as much money as possible. Just search for the products you’re buying, then click on the coupon. It’ll save up your clicks and print your coupons all at once when you’re done- super easy. I don’t just DIY because I enjoy it, I DIY because I must. And saving money in other aspects of my life is key too.

3 Window Treatments That AREN’T Mini Blinds

On Tuesday I posted about some things I wish I knew my first month of home ownership, and it led to some pretty solid conversations but in the comments and in messages. By far the biggest one was that so many of you also did not know about non-mini blind options for your windows. I’m so glad I wasn’t alone on this.

I thought I’d do a quick roundup today of some easy alternatives:

1. Bamboo Blinds. This is by far my most favoritest option. I love them. And yes, you can have bamboo blinds and also (high and wide!!) curtains… in fact I encourage you to do so because it looks freaking great:

bamboo blinds

one || two

These can get a little pricey, but they’re sold at Home Depot and Lowe’s as well as a bunch of sites online. You can get them in a zillion different color shades and a bunch of styles (I like the matchstick style- lots of small strips of wood instead of thick longer ones). Plus they can be paired with light linen curtains or fun patterned curtains, or no curtains at all because you’re broke from spending more then $10 on window coverings.


2. (DIY) Roman Curtains. If you’re like me and you’re stuck with rooms full of mini blinds have no fear! You can turn them into Roman curtains and be instantly more sheek and fascinating.

Roman Curtains

one (no sew!)  || two (no sew!) || three (a little sewing)

I like the heavier fabric look of the curtain in number three, by Homemade Ginger, but I think it all depends on the space and where you put them. So grab a 50% off Jo-Ann fabric coupon, get some amazing fabric, and turn your awful white mini blinds into a work of art!

3. Pelmuts! I literally just learned what this word meant like a month ago, and if you say it out loud more then a few times it just sounds like gibberish, but basically it’s a big old fabric box you can put on top of your window. SO if you have mini blinds already, throw a pelmut up to hide them without loosing the option of having something to pull down for privacy if you want it.

DIY pelmut

one (and more info here) || two || three

I know what you’re thinking: holy crap, my grandma’s house is full of pelmuts! Are you sure about this, Stephanie?  Yes! I am so very sure that this is a viable option and with the right fabric it can be super stylish. Maybe just steer clear the 1950s floral your grandma knows and loves.

So there you go friends, 3 options to help you hide and/or replace your white mini blinds. If you’ve done any of the above, or have some other options, feel free to leave a link in the comments!!