Goings On & Freak Accidents

I meant to have a much better blog post this week, but I think when you see what I’m working with over here you’ll understand… either way, I thought I’d hop on and share a few things. Let’s start with the freak accident and work our way to the good stuff:

  • Tuesday night there was a crazy car accident outside my house (no one was hurt), and long story short it caused a huge surge of power to hit my house that temporarily blew out our electricity and also flooded our basement. Electricity is now restored but the surge fried our stove and my husband’s desktop computer as well as a few surge protector power strips (thank goodness we had them, or the damage would have been much worse!). Our (finished) basement currently  has 14 industrial fans in it drying out the flood (for the next 3 days) and our water should be fully restored today- it was damaged outside of the house so our lawn had to be bulldozed to access the pipes and a section of our basement got jackhammered as well. The whole thing is a mess and once insurance is settled I’ll share more. But yeah, it’s been a long few days. If you follow along on Instagram you’ve seen a few peeks of it all.

industrial fans to dry out a flooded basement

  • Before this whole mess went down, I spent my Saturday painting my heart out at my friend Nate’s house. He recently bought 100+ year old country style home and I’ve basically insisted that he let me help with it’s updates because I’m obsessed. When we went to see it he mentioned he needed to paint all window sashes white and I casuallyyyyyy recommended maybe he do them black because I would die if they weren’t black they’re so perfect for it and I’ll even do it myself pleaseeeee. I’m a woman of my word, so I spent 6+ hours painting and it was glorious.

black window sashes with white molding moulding and light walls- country kitchen farm home

The kitchen has these 3 windows, 3 more on a perpendicular wall, and I painted 2 doors that lead to the sunroom to match as well. I’m also on team yellow walls, but not necessarily that particular yellow.

Also, look at this perfectly aged and chippy coat closet door at the house’s entrance. UGHHHH. I don’t even really like the country style but it’s so perfect here that it makes my bat my eyes and grow wide. I’m 97% sure Nate doesn’t look at this blog, but if you do- do not get rid of this door! It’s what dreams are made of! And the brick floor? I’m dying.

chippy aged wood coat closet door and brick entryway floor

  • And to end this post on a super high note…. my husband and I will soon be headed to the Bahamas with a few of our friends! I can not freaking wait, after dealing with all this house stuff it’s just what we need. We’re going to an all inclusive resort and the whole thing is paid for so I’m excited to just show up, get a drank, and sit on the water. Oh, and we’re also going to go swimming with these cuties:

swimming pigs of exumas bahamas

Hopefully our house will be in good working order before we leave!! If not, I guess we can just go snorkeling in the basement… :( womp womp.

Tie Dye Onesies- An Awesome Baby Shower Activity

This weekend I hosted a “drizzle” for my sister-in-law in my backyard and we had a blast. It’s her and my brother’s second baby boy so we just had myself, parents, and grandparents over to celebrate and restock their diaper supply (no need for a full “shower”).

Even though there were just about a dozen of us I also really wanted a fun activity, so I hooked up with Tulip and their #TyeDyeYourSummer campaign to make tie dyed ones for my nephew-on-the-way. You guys, we had SO MUCH FUN. My 80+ year old grandmothers making their great grandchild onesies in my yard was so lovely and adorable.

tie dye onesie station- baby shower party activity idea

This kit is super easy, it comes with 18 colors in squirt bottles (just add water), elastics to make your pattern with, plastic gloves, and even a tablecloth. It’s a party in a box! I laid everything out on a few different tables and wrote steps on some white tiles (you can use dry erase markers on ceramic tiles- I do it all the time at parties to label food and write out directions), the kit comes with instructions on how to make specific patterns so I laid that out on the table too.

I got 2 different size white onesie packs, a white 3T shirt for my nephew, and Tulip sent a bunch of large white t-shirts for everyone else.

tie dye onesie baby shower activity

Everyone just kind of did their own thing, and most of the onesies came out super adorable. Others though, not so much. Careful with the red dye, haha.

tie dye onesie oopsPoor mom, she just wanted to make a heart for her new grandson.

The tie dye needs to set for 6-8 hours so we all just put our creations in a plastic tub I had then went off and ate a bunch of cake and ice cream. I ended up leaving it overnight and the next morning just rinsed them off in the tub then threw them in the washer on hot to set.

My nephew’s going to be the cutuest little hippie baby that ever lived.

one step tie dye kit

…but I’m not biased or anything. ;)

Thanks Tulip for sending me the one step tie dye kit! We had so much fun, and everyone loved it! *Even though the kit was sent to me, I was not paid for this post and all opinions/ideas/adorable onesies are my own.

Stalk Tulip all over the web for so many fun ideas and projects:

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ilovetocreate tulip tie dye


Looking for more baby shower ideas? Check out my the owl themed and jungle themed parties I threw:

owl themed baby showermonkey decorated cupcakes

Living Pretty with your Pets feature

Hi all! Today I’m over at Cuckoo 4 Design guest posting all about my brood of pets, hop on over and check it out here.

three cats and a dog petsIf you’re here from Julia’s blog- welcome! You may want to check out my DIY Hidden Litter Box or Raised Pet Food Stand.

And don’t worry you’ll get used to seeing my animals pop up in just about every post ;)

striped wall room with painted furnitureThings I Didn’t DIY 

upcycled cabinet inside

Upcycled Kitchen Cabinet

tree stump end tablesTree Stump/Log End Tables

Happy Weekend!!



Patio Dreams & Plans

Earlier in the week I talked about our front door spruce up and adding some flowers around the house, so today I wanted to do a little more outdoorsy talk.

A lot of the flowers I bought already (particularly the daisies) will go into the ground after memorial day, leaving room for a few container herbs to go on the front steps. I like to keep onion grass and basil there, close by, because I use them constantly when cooking.

As for the backyard though, it’s a never-ending mess of projects. Over the years I’ve added a garden bed wall (here) to our dining area and plants are justtttt starting to settle and spread there. I bought 2 shrubs (rhododendron) that I added in the bed last weekend. I’ve also made a compost bin system (here) and a small vegetable/herb garden (here)- but none of that is particularly pretty.

backyard before 2015Our yard is 2 levels because we’re on a hill, and the previous owners left us a bit of a mess to deal with… it looks way nicer in pictures then it does in real life. Because you’re being fooled into thinking we have grass. We do not have grass. We have awful cheap turf. Also not awesome:

  • There’s a random too-wide-to-be-a-walkway cement paver situation next to the second section of turf. But if we removed that….
  • we’d have to spruce up the vast wasteland of sand directly next to it because there used to be an above ground pool that we took apart and sold. This area serves as a fire pit now but could use some love.
  • On the second level, where our patio table is, there’s just dirt because it’s too shady for grass. I have no idea what to do here. Giant pavers? Gravel (will that hurt my dogs’ paws?)? Mulch? I don’t know
  • The dirt section in front of that (by the swing chair) will someday be filled with ivy ground cover, but it’s slow goin’

So you can see we sort of have a few “patio” areas. The dirt pile our actual patio set is on, plus the fire pit area, and even the cement “basketball court” section. The bummer with outdoor stuff is that none of it is really instant- it takes time for things to grow (like the ivy! come on ivy, growwww!). So, while I wait, I’m dreaming. I created a Patio Dreams Board on Wayfair full of stuff that would make this area much more awesome.

wayfair birdbath double seating flower planter and string lightsbird bath | bench seat| flower pot | string lights
I think matching flower pots, and string lights, and nice seating go such a long way, don’t you? What’s on your patio wish list?


I partnered with Wayfair for this conversation, but I am a real customer of theirs already and they have EVERYTHING for every area of your house. Check it out!!

Front Door Spruce Up

The nice weather has finally, finally, finally hit Massachusetts and that means it’s time to move onto some outdoor work — especially because I’m hosting an outdoor drizzle for my sister-in-law next month. (Have you heard of drizzles? It’s baby number 2 so they don’t need a whole shower, just a little somethin-somethin ;) ).

ANYWAY. Painting our front doors has been on my list since we moved into the house. We have a side door (that we use 100% of the time) and a front door that we never use. Both of the doors are super cheap and not that great looking. They’re also some kind of metal so I’ve held off on painting them because I wasn’t sure they would hold paint well.

I decided to join forces with Modern Masters to work on some front door curb appeal, and I’m really happy about how things have turned out. Modern Masters has a paint specifically designed for front doors- it’s fade resistant and really durable. They also have a front door app to help you pick the color, basically you take a picture of your front door and then you can digitally “try on” all the colors.”

Originally I was going to play it safe with a white or black front door because our house is a light sage green. Then I said, NO! LET’S BE BOLD! and thought I’d go with coral or yellow. And then I reeled myself in and settled on a nice deep blue called Peaceful from the Front Door Paint line. It was quite a ride, I used the app and it really helped (search Front Door Paint in the Apple or Google play store and it’ll pop right up!).

Here’s my sad dingy doors and weather beaten exterior before I got to work:

front door before - sage green house old white doorsAnd let’s just reality check for a minute- neither of these entrances are ever going to be gorgeous unless they get ripped up and redone. BUT they can definitely look better than this with paint and flowers.

gray tinted zinsser primer- modern masters front door paint

I used gray tinted primer- gray because I was painting a dark color and it helps you get better coverage, and primer in general because the door is metal and I wanted to give the color something to stick to. Just one coat of primer was fine.

I painted only the outside of the side door because my dog jumps all over the inside of it when we get home and I was afraid he’d just scratch up any paint I put on (does anyone have input or thoughts on this? do you think it would be ok?). Then I painted both the inside and outside of the front door. After 2 coats of Peaceful went on I took and artist brush from the dollar store and did two coats of pure white paint around the window molding. No need to tape off the windows- just use a razor when it dries and scrape off any paint that got on the glass.

Once everything was painted and dried it was time to beautify the rest of the area. I picked up the leaves (yes, they fell last November and yes they were still everywhere), swept, cleaned, and added a bajillion plants.

navy and white front door on a light green house

ranch house curb appeal with front door paint and summer flowersThe plants are all spillers and spreaders, so in a few weeks once they’re settled in it’s going to look awesome. The in-the-ground plants are justtttttt starting to pop up, so I’ll update next month with how it’s all coming together. I’m lovinggggggg it so far though and I can’t wait to get to the rest of the outdoor space!

And just because, here’s a picture with the door open to the sunroom, which is generally how it is when we’re throwing a par-tay and want people to just come on in:

navy door gray and white sunroom bright light summer room

How are you sprucing your house up for summer?


Modern Masters provided the paint for this project, but I was not otherwise compensated and all thoughts and lovely potted plants are my own. Find their front door paint at selected Lowe’s and Ace Hardwares as well as online via Amazon, HomeDepot.com or the Modern Masters online shop.

Last Minute Mother’s Day Presents

You guys, I’m totally slacking on Mother’s Day this year. My grandmothers are going to be getting chocolate (hey Nonna- don’t read this post until Monday! oh, you already did? I hope you like the chocolate!) and my mom’s going to get coffee (that was her response when I asked via text what she wanted- hi mom! I’ll pick it up on the way to your house and maybe get a gift bag too!).

Look, I understand that mother’s day (and father’s day) are super nice and important and some years I do good things like get them jewelry or take them out somewhere…. but some years I have 1.5 full time jobs and 4 blog posts with due dates and I just got back from a conference and whoops I tore my living room apart for another redo and I’m so tired all the darn time. Ahem. That may be just this year.

But even though I’m a totally awful child this month, doesn’t mean you have to be too! You can still totally rock this thing!

  • Rebecca at Cre8tive Compass has a round up of 12 super easy last minute mother’s day gifts HERE.last minute DIY craft mothers day gifts
  • Michelle has another 16 HERE (and a free printable, just buy a frame and call it a d-a-y!)

mothers day gifts with Silhouette Cameo free printable..Or you know, buy them a bottle of wine and a spa gift certificate then tie a bow on it all.

Tell me, what are YOU getting your favorite ladies this year? And while we’re on it…. what are you getting your favorite men next month? I apparently could use a head start on ideas.

Quick SNAP! Recap

Last week I went to a 3 day blogging conference in Salt Lake City called Snap! and had an awesome/overwhelming experience. It was so good to be surrounded by people who totally get this whole blogging thing, and my intense love for all things DIY- but also WOW that’s a lot of excited women in one place.

The first thing I did when I got there was tour their local Ronald McDonald House Charity, which was amazing and eye opening. They have the ability to house over 70 families while children are awaiting and receiving treatments at the hospital nearby. 70! It’s a great charity and I 100% plan on looking up how I can be a part of my local RMHC, even if it’s just donating little things for family welcome bags.


After the tour, I tried to really hard balance out classes on behind the scenes stuff and classes on fun stuff, and I think that really helped me get the most out of the conference. I learned a lot about branding myself- and branding is something I really need help with. I’m such an introvert that I didn’t even notice how little I allow myself to show up in the blog. There’s tons of my stuff but barely any shots of me actually working on things. I’m going to try to correct that a bit (do you even care? or notice? hmm).

Screen shot 2015-04-27 at 11.42.17 AMPerhaps the reason I don’t share more of me is because when I try to I end up taking a selfie in a fancy bathroom with kind of an angry face going on? Whoops.

ANYWAY! CLASSES! I went to them.

Snap Collage

I learned how to tile and grout (including how to use a wet saw which is totally not scary at all). I attempted to hand letter and watercolor. I helped build a craft table. It was all really fun and inspiring. I came home with so many ideas that even though I laid down to bed at 11pm last night, I didn’t fall asleep until at least 3am. My head is swirling.

Snap friends collage

My favorite part though, was meeting a zillion friends in real life. Pictured above, left to right, is Kelly (Simply Kelly Designs), Michelle (Weekend Craft), Candace (Lucky Scarf), then me anchoring each picture, my roommate Vanessa (Tried & True), Stacey (Glued to my Crafts), and Michelle again. I hung out with Sarah (Sarah’s Big Idea) a bunch as well (which was super cool because she’s a power tool badass), then I also spent 2 extra days at Kenz’s (Interiors By Kenz) house after the conference was over to hang with her lovely family.

Whew! I have today off from work to “relax” and “get settled,” which I think is just going to turn into me starting 5 different projects and pretending I don’t have an entire suitcase of laundry to get through. :)