Stars & Stripes Forever

Staying upstairs, let’s take a peek at what will be the guest room. This room will also house Matt’s closet because it’s the only room with functioning closet doors and Matt seems to hate when his clothes are covered in cat hair… weird.

The seller has this room set up very adorably for her little boy, but you can clearly see why it won’t work for us. For the few few months, this room will just have white walls done with the leftover 2+1 paint and primer we should have from the other rooms. It will also house our miscellaneous white furniture. We’ve got a tall bookshelf, a nightstand, 2 small organizers, and a full sized bed for this room. Once the rest of the house is taken care of I’ll go back in here and paint the walls a nice pale orange- so you know, like 7 or 8 years from now. We live a good 45 minutes-1 hour from most of our close friends and family so it’s important we have a nice room for them to stay in. And in the far, far, far away future it will turn into a nursey- either orange and pink or orange and navy. Don’t tell Matt I’ve planned this, because maybe it’s totally weird that I’ve already thought of that.

I haven’t figured out what art I’m going to hang in this room. I have a collection of old cameras that might look nice on some shelving, I could always hold out hope they leave the New England patriots pennant behind… or maybe not. Either way I want to try and work a really serene setting in here, a less is more thing. That’ll be more of a challenge then it sounds because I find comfort in clutter and do dads, and I need to move away from that.



Let’s move on up to the 2nd level this morning. When you’re in the living room you walk up 5 or 6 stairs to the second level, and you get to my most favorite part of the house. Looking left to right from the landing you see a built in hutch on the wall (swoon), the bathroom, a linen closet, then 3 bedrooms. There are no hallways in this house. I hate hallways- I don’t find them very inviting and open space just allows everything to flow better.

What will be our master bedroom is a bit hard to imagine…because right now it’s lime green and covered in sparkles. The room is clearly shared by two young girls, and it’s pretty adorable for them, but for someone pretending really hard to be a grown up it doesn’t exactly work. I plan to use a 2+1 paint and primer to turn the walls an eggshell color, because the rest of our bedroom stuff is dark blues and brown. That in itself should fix the problem. Luckily, I think that’s just about all we’ll need to do in terms of big stuff here. And I say all as in, just one thing, not as in I know how and have ever done this one thing. Our apartment bedroom currently has plenty of art and decoration in it, and though I’ve grown to loathe our comforter set it’ll do for a while. Here’s a look at a little bit of what we’ve got going on now: 

I bought the 5 canvas painting on Etsy from an amazing artist, and this photo really doesn’t do it justice. Also- if you want a tip- it’s velcro’ed to the wall. It was impossible for me to line up all 5 the way I wanted to using nails, and since it’s an apartment I didn’t really want to put that many holes in the wall. Velcro is amazing. The iron tree branch will stay as well, and I’m not sure about the circle mirrors. I don’t think they really go, and I feel like they’ll look really nice in what will be the guest room. We also have lots of photos on the other walls that will stay in the bedroom as well.

But back to the new bedroom and my next concern: the closet doors. Big giant mirror doors, which may or may not stay on the track. I’m hoping the habitat for humanity restore store will have some wooden sliding doors we can replace them with. They can stay for now because our  money needs to go to other things, but mirror doors aren’t something I want in the long run. Especially nights when I might be home alone and the cats run around and make noises that make me think there’s ghosts and then I’m afraid to look in the mirrors but can’t help it because they’re right there.  Whew.

Fabric Dreams

After work today the man and I are going to check out the Scratch & Dent furniture store by our apartment… it sounds oh so luxurious.  I have dreams of finding a sectional for under $1,000 and I’m hoping the Scratch & Dent will have a buried treasure in it somewhere. I dream big.

We’ve also got to pitstop at the petstore to buy some cat scratch sticky pads. Again, luxurious. They work pretty well on our current furniture so it’s worth stocking up- it’s just long strips of clear sticky tape you put on the corners of furniture.

 And speaking of furniture, I just took the plunge and ordered this slipcover online. The craigslist sofa we got is white and that’s just far too dangerous for me and my thrashing, spilling ways. I’m pretty sure the size is right, and it was under $100. I plan to dress it up with yellow pattern pillows. Here’s hoping it looks good!

My plan is to have the long couch on the wall that is adjoined to the kitchen & then to have 2 yellow patterned chairs and a bench opposite it.

Shutters & Accent Walls

I had a hard time falling asleep last night because I had just so many ideas swirling around in my head of what the downstairs will eventually look like. I have very lofty plans for the living room. It an interesting shape, sort of like a parallegram, and it has two entrances both from the kitchen.

The first time I saw the living room this is what it looked like- so very full of clutter. 3 walls are sort of toupe, and then there’s the deep dried blood colored “accent” wall.. though I’m not quite sure what it is meant to accent. I fell in love with this room despite the clutter- the huge  bay window, the built in book nook, the hardwood floors.  Then, yesterday, I got to see it again in a far less cluttered state:

Yup, still in love. My goal is to have the 3 toupe walls painted white, and to turn the accent wall into an actual accent wall. I want that wall, and the kitchen that is located in front of the living room, to be a nice pale yellow. It’ll be so bright and sunny in there, perfect for reading (or in my case, internetting). I had dreams of finding a reasonable priced yellow couch for the side of the room opposite the accent wall, but that just doesn’t exist. So now I’m hoarding an overstuffed white Rowe couch in my boxed up apartment instead. I will get a gray slipcover for it. Black coffee tables and end tables. Black shutters up over the couch with yellow framed pictures hanging from them. Hopefully a gray and yellow patterned rug.  

 Because I’ve packed up my external harddrive, where Photoshop lives, here’s my cheap Paint version of a room plot. I have no idea where to find that yellow chair, but everything else is just Target and Ikea. I love the look of yellow, black, gray, and white. And also, those are the colors of Batman so bonus points there.

Scratch & Sniff

Sale Pending! That’s me!

I got to go sneak a peek at the house this evening, tested out the sectional and poked around a bit now that a lot of the furniture is out. It was so nice to go in again, and totally reinforced this decision for me. It’s the 3rd time I’ve been inside the house in the 3ish months we’ve been working on this short sale, and I’ll just get to go in once more before we sign the papers in 2 weeks.

It was great to see the house so cleared out, but man did it put on display how filthy EVERYTHING is. The basement floor needs to be bleached, all the other floors need to be scrubbed, the countertops need to be scrubbed, the walls- even the ones I thought might be ok- all need to be painted. All the ceilings need paint too. I’m glad I can see the potential in it all, how bright and sunny and wonderful it can be, because otherwise the dog stank and fingerprinted walls might make me run for the hills!

I also strolled around the backyard more then I previously had (I was more interested/distracted in the inside before). It’s also got a lot of potential but really needs to be tore up, a project for next summer. There’s fake turf lawn, a homemade sandbox right in the ground against the house, awkward unevenness and tiers, and a real lack of flowers and greenery. I did notice some hooks on the carport though, so there’s already a spot for hanging plants!

Measuring Tape

Today is an exciting day! Even though I don’t move into the house until the 12th, today I get to go and sneak another peak at it. The owner is on vacation and we are considering buying her sectional, so I get to go in and take another look at it. Then, while I’m there I’m going to do some measuring.

Of course I only have the crumbiest possible picture of said sectional, which I tried desperately to enhance so you could see at least a little of it. The sectional lives in the finished part of the basement- which we have BIG plans for (to be discussed in a future post). If we could buy it off her it’d be one less thing we have to move, and it is fairly nice and new, so I need to do some research on what it might cost if it was brand new. I also have to have my real estate agent tell me what color it is….because I’m color blind so I have no idea if it matches. This room will be Mr Man’s, so I promised to get it done quickly so he has a hideout while I pull apart the rest of the house.

Also while there, I need to take some serious measurements. The basement does not have a door on its entrance and we have 3 cats, so it needs to be closed off whenever we’re not home to ensure our precious DVD collection, tv, sectional,  and speakers don’t get scratch up and pushed around. There’s a habitat for humanity restore store the next town over, so I’m hoping to purchase a door nice and cheap and attach it myself for one of my first ease-into-fixer upper-things projects. On the positive side though, look how nice and clean those carpeted stairs are. It’s the only place in the entire house where there is carpet, thank goodness, and lucky for us it own’t need to be tore up.

In addition to measuring that doorframe, I also need to measure the door frames from the bulkhead in the yard down into the basement because we’ve got a washer and dryer moving in with us and need to figure out the easiest spot to squeeze them through. The bulkhead entrance is a straight line to where it will be, so hopefully that will be spacious enough!

A very warm welcome

Hello there. I guess I’m not quite sure where to start with this blog… so I’ll try and start from the beginning.

On August 12th I will sign the papers on my very first home, which is terribly exciting and scary. There’s wallpaper to be taken down, walls to be painted, insulation to be added, gutters to be hung… and I have no idea where to start. All I know is I want it to be cozy, and warm, and inviting, and colorful.

This blog will serve as an organizational tool for me, a reminder of the work I have to do and plan to do, and a place to gather all my scattered thoughts on what I should be doing.

For the next 17 days, as I attempt to patiently wait to sign on the dotted line I will be doing the following:

  • packing and cleaning my current apartment
  • hoarding any and all furniture I can gather for free
  • researching gutters and insulation and pool management
  • picking color themes and imagining furniture that is nowhere to be found

I’ll tell you about one room a day until I move, and all my fluttering plans and thoughts for it… so stay tuned for the madness!

Our 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath split level ranch

Just looking at the front yard of the house there’s a bazillion things to do, but with our move in mid August I’m going to try and focus on the inside first. New England weather will take over in just a few months and it’ll be far too cold and rainy and snowing and gross to worry about our lack of a walkway, the bareness the exists without hedges, the lack of shutters…