Scratch & Sniff

Sale Pending! That’s me!

I got to go sneak a peek at the house this evening, tested out the sectional and poked around a bit now that a lot of the furniture is out. It was so nice to go in again, and totally reinforced this decision for me. It’s the 3rd time I’ve been inside the house in the 3ish months we’ve been working on this short sale, and I’ll just get to go in once more before we sign the papers in 2 weeks.

It was great to see the house so cleared out, but man did it put on display how filthy EVERYTHING is. The basement floor needs to be bleached, all the other floors need to be scrubbed, the countertops need to be scrubbed, the walls- even the ones I thought might be ok- all need to be painted. All the ceilings need paint too. I’m glad I can see the potential in it all, how bright and sunny and wonderful it can be, because otherwise the dog stank and fingerprinted walls might make me run for the hills!

I also strolled around the backyard more then I previously had (I was more interested/distracted in the inside before). It’s also got a lot of potential but really needs to be tore up, a project for next summer. There’s fake turf lawn, a homemade sandbox right in the ground against the house, awkward unevenness and tiers, and a real lack of flowers and greenery. I did notice some hooks on the carport though, so there’s already a spot for hanging plants!