Fabric Dreams

After work today the man and I are going to check out the Scratch & Dent furniture store by our apartment… it sounds oh so luxurious.  I have dreams of finding a sectional for under $1,000 and I’m hoping the Scratch & Dent will have a buried treasure in it somewhere. I dream big.

We’ve also got to pitstop at the petstore to buy some cat scratch sticky pads. Again, luxurious. They work pretty well on our current furniture so it’s worth stocking up- it’s just long strips of clear sticky tape you put on the corners of furniture.

 And speaking of furniture, I just took the plunge and ordered this slipcover online. The craigslist sofa we got is white and that’s just far too dangerous for me and my thrashing, spilling ways. I’m pretty sure the size is right, and it was under $100. I plan to dress it up with yellow pattern pillows. Here’s hoping it looks good!

My plan is to have the long couch on the wall that is adjoined to the kitchen & then to have 2 yellow patterned chairs and a bench opposite it.


2 thoughts on “Fabric Dreams

  1. During our short, fitfull search for furniture (before we decided to keep the giant formerly blue couch) we checked out Bobs. Even new they have a bunch of sectionals for <$1000.

    There was one I liked but it wouldn't have worked in our place. It's slim pickin's there, but the price is good. Also the Jordan's has a "bargin basement" that had some good couches and chairs.

  2. Hi Stephanie
    I think you have a great plan. My only advice now is to take your time and find stuff you love.

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