Let’s move on up to the 2nd level this morning. When you’re in the living room you walk up 5 or 6 stairs to the second level, and you get to my most favorite part of the house. Looking left to right from the landing you see a built in hutch on the wall (swoon), the bathroom, a linen closet, then 3 bedrooms. There are no hallways in this house. I hate hallways- I don’t find them very inviting and open space just allows everything to flow better.

What will be our master bedroom is a bit hard to imagine…because right now it’s lime green and covered in sparkles. The room is clearly shared by two young girls, and it’s pretty adorable for them, but for someone pretending really hard to be a grown up it doesn’t exactly work. I plan to use a 2+1 paint and primer to turn the walls an eggshell color, because the rest of our bedroom stuff is dark blues and brown. That in itself should fix the problem. Luckily, I think that’s just about all we’ll need to do in terms of big stuff here. And I say all as in, just one thing, not as in I know how and have ever done this one thing. Our apartment bedroom currently has plenty of art and decoration in it, and though I’ve grown to loathe our comforter set it’ll do for a while. Here’s a look at a little bit of what we’ve got going on now: 

I bought the 5 canvas painting on Etsy from an amazing artist, and this photo really doesn’t do it justice. Also- if you want a tip- it’s velcro’ed to the wall. It was impossible for me to line up all 5 the way I wanted to using nails, and since it’s an apartment I didn’t really want to put that many holes in the wall. Velcro is amazing. The iron tree branch will stay as well, and I’m not sure about the circle mirrors. I don’t think they really go, and I feel like they’ll look really nice in what will be the guest room. We also have lots of photos on the other walls that will stay in the bedroom as well.

But back to the new bedroom and my next concern: the closet doors. Big giant mirror doors, which may or may not stay on the track. I’m hoping the habitat for humanity restore store will have some wooden sliding doors we can replace them with. They can stay for now because our  money needs to go to other things, but mirror doors aren’t something I want in the long run. Especially nights when I might be home alone and the cats run around and make noises that make me think there’s ghosts and then I’m afraid to look in the mirrors but can’t help it because they’re right there.  Whew.


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