Stars & Stripes Forever

Staying upstairs, let’s take a peek at what will be the guest room. This room will also house Matt’s closet because it’s the only room with functioning closet doors and Matt seems to hate when his clothes are covered in cat hair… weird.

The seller has this room set up very adorably for her little boy, but you can clearly see why it won’t work for us. For the few few months, this room will just have white walls done with the leftover 2+1 paint and primer we should have from the other rooms. It will also house our miscellaneous white furniture. We’ve got a tall bookshelf, a nightstand, 2 small organizers, and a full sized bed for this room. Once the rest of the house is taken care of I’ll go back in here and paint the walls a nice pale orange- so you know, like 7 or 8 years from now. We live a good 45 minutes-1 hour from most of our close friends and family so it’s important we have a nice room for them to stay in. And in the far, far, far away future it will turn into a nursey- either orange and pink or orange and navy. Don’t tell Matt I’ve planned this, because maybe it’s totally weird that I’ve already thought of that.

I haven’t figured out what art I’m going to hang in this room. I have a collection of old cameras that might look nice on some shelving, I could always hold out hope they leave the New England patriots pennant behind… or maybe not. Either way I want to try and work a really serene setting in here, a less is more thing. That’ll be more of a challenge then it sounds because I find comfort in clutter and do dads, and I need to move away from that.


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