Last night I forgot I was a grown up and went to a concert, then got home after midnight and still had to wake up for work this morning. Today I am far too tired and cranky to be artsy and craftsy and thoughtful, so instead I’ll share my top 3 DIY projects that are easy and cheap for everyone. All 3 of these will show up somewhere in my house:

1. Put a picture in  a jar & add olive oil. Seriously, that’s it. And it looks so cute! I think it could be a really nice book end. Crafters seem to be obsessed with mason jars, and I can understand why. For me, a mason jar is my empty spaghetti sauce jar and I save them all compulsively. They’re perfect to store nails and push pins and buttons. And now they’re perfect as artsy antiquey looking picture frames! From the look of this one, printing your picture black and white would be best so the yellowy of the oil can really affect it.

2. Sew all your doiley’s together and make a table runner. I think the best part of this is that it looks really cute with ivory and white ones mixed, so I can take all of my grandmother’s old yellowed ones and it’ll still look pretty good. I’d like to see this paired with a modern looking centerpiece to spice it up a little, but it’s pretty cute all by itself. The nice thing is that you don’t even really need to know how to sew that well, I feel like if there were a few stitches out of place it would add to the character of it all.

3. This one is perhaps the most genius. It wildly annoys me to go into a store and find a bag of 3 plastic or wicker balls for $20. That is insane. Here you see styrofoam balls that have been poked with colored tacs. That’s it, that’s all it is. No measuring, no glue, no tape, no stiches. Just get some styrofoam and shove push pins in them. And, since it’s back to school time, I bet there’s all sorts of cute push pins out and about!