Getting Down to Business

Let’s take a look around the office today- of course I only have terrible blurry pictures of it from when I first toured the home, but they get the general idea accross. What we will be using as an office served as the master bedroom for the previous owners, since their 2 girls shared the largest room. This, like the guest room, is on the lower end of the priority list.  Originally I was hoping this would be the one room that wouldn’t need paint, but when I saw it empty last week I was quickly proven wrong. For the first few months this room will be repainted with 2+1 white paint and primer. Eventually it will go back to steel blue it is in these pictures.


Since we’re putting all the white furniture leftovers in the guest room, I plan to put all the black furniture leftovers in this room. We’ve got a laptop desk, a bookshelf, a papisan, and a bean bag chair. This room will also be home to our turtle (cleverly named Turtle). Turtle is huge and lives in a 100 gallon tank on top of a heavy duty work bench (to hold the weight of it all), so he needs a good sized space- and the sound of the filter drives me crazy so he can’t stay in the master bedroom. Between the bookself and the work bench shelf we should be able to put all our textbooks in here. There’s also a double closet not shown in the pictures where I might put some sort of file cabinet organization. I lot more thought and styling needs to go into this room as we move forward, but for now just having a general outline will do.