I showed you a little glimpse of the finished basement in an earlier post, when I was looking for a sectional. Let me show you it in all its glory today because I am so excited about this room. In our price range we were very, very lucky to find a house with a finished basement that isn’t gross. We’re even going to keep the weird dried blood colored walls for now, because it goes with the movie theme we’re working. All of the pictures of this room are of the seller’s things, but she has it pretty well set up so I think we’re just going to copy her layout.

When you walk down the stairs to the basement there’s a half bathroom on the left (to be discussed in a future post), a door to a small unfinished area of the basement where the laundry is, and then you enter the awesome half-paneled-in-a-good-way basement. I wildly avoided houses with paneling and wall to wall carpet, but this is nicely done and (in my opinion) adds to the character of the room  so it can stay. I like the shelving the owner has on this wall and we’ll probably do the same only display our collectable dvds on it. Oh yes, we have collectable dvds. Because we are nerds.


This picture shows the right hand wall of the room, which is the front of the house. In the back, what looks like an enclosed dart board is actually the circuit breaker. As much as an eyesore as it is, I’m glad it’s right there out in the open so that when we do inevitably blow a fuse I won’t be fumbling around in the dark trying to find it. I also really like that there’s 2 small windows down there, they don’t open or anything but just a hint of natural light is really nice. As for the floor, we’re going to leave the cement for at least a year to make sure there’s no leaks or floods (we were told there are none, but I’d rather wait just in case). My plan is to eventually get indoor/outdoor carpeting installed wall to wall.

By far the best part of this room is the 3 closets on the back wall. Those will immediately be turned into built in shelving for our DVD collection (upwards of 3,000 dvds and blu rays). I am SO GLAD there will no longer be DVD shelves in my living room. In fact, I ‘m not allowing ANY electronics of any kind in my living room. It will all go down here. All 6 speakers, both video game consoles, the tv, the movies- all of it- banished to the basement! Yeah!

Overall, I don’t have huge plans for this room. It’ll be Matt’s room to do whatever he wants in, so I’ll try and keep out of it. He has plans to get it all wired and to get the shelving built the first week we move in, and I’ll just let him go ahead from there. We’ve got lots of movie posters that we can frame and add to the walls, and collections to organize, and a few other knick knacks so I think it’ll all sort of grow together itself as we move forward.