What the…turf?!

I’ve been thinking about the yard a lot lately…. It’s going to drive me absolutely crazy to wait until next summer to get started on it, so I need to find little projects that I can do that’ll tide me over. The problem is, there’s not a lot of quick fixes that can be done. It is a MESS. The pictures make it look good, and they’re not good pictures. The yard is long, not wide, and it’s got 3 different levels to it. I actually kind of like the levels and don’t have any plans to even it out, but each level needs a complete overhaul.

When you walk in from the left side, where the driveway is, you step foot on level 1. We’re going to focus just on this level today because it’s the one I lose the most sleep over. This level is made almost completely of astro turf and cement… let me say that again… astroturf and cement. WHY?! Why on earth?! The cement I guess I could understand seeing as they installed a basketball hoop for their son, except that it was poured directly up to where the siding begins. There is no visible foundation on about half of this level. You might think, no big deal, who cares if the foundation is showing. But alas, no– this is the most expensive project we have to do and the most imperative. Because the cement is flush against the foundation and right up to the siding there is no space for drainage. All the moisture that was under the house before the cement was poured got trapped, soaked into the sill, and has caused it to begin rotting. The beams that support this side of the house are rotting. Ugh. Luckily, being the Italian woman that I am “I got a guy” with a jackhammer who can tear that mess right up for me. I can only imagine what this level will look like after the cement has been jackhammered and the turf has been ripped up. And how on earth do you dispose of that basketball hoop? Hopefully Craigslist.

The other issue with this level is that in front of the pool (yeah yeah yeah it’s nice we have a pool) is a massive disgusting tree stump. A few months ago Matt & I were driving around and we kept seeing all these signs for “Stump Grinders” (these are a people, not a thing) and I just couldn’t figure out why anyone would need one of those. I’m from right outside of Boston, where there are no trees, so sometimes these concepts get lost on me. Maybe if I shovel for the rest of my life I’ll be able to dig this thing up myself. The other issue is, the pool is directly in front of the right side fence. I need privacy if I’m going anywhere near anything in a bathing suit, so they’ll be some serious bush planting next year.