Pack it up, pack it in

It’s less then a week until we move! It’s starting to get real real at this point. Yesterday I went to the bank and withdrew all my money for the down payment and lawyer fees, and the teller sung “ooooooh someone’s buying a house.” It took everything in me not to erratically tell her all about it. I am so excited and so terrified, so I’m pushing the terrified aside by packing and packing and packing.

My house looks like a box graveyard. All of our pictures are off the wall- if they can be safely stacked in the corner they have been and if not they’re wrapped up in bags. That box in the middle of the shelf is box 1 of 2 of candles- why do I have 2 full boxes of candles? Something is seriously wrong with me. Also, the fresh step box is full of glassware, those boxes are super heavy duty and have really come in handy. And the litter isn’t directly in the box, it’s in a bag in the box, so there’s no gross out factor.


What used to be the second bedroom barely has any floor space left. Luckily we just moved offices at work so I just hijacked all the boxes from the move and brought them right home, there’s more then enough. In this picture you can also spy a future DIY project. I acquired 2 barstools that need to be painted and recovered for our kitchen. The kitchen cabinets sort of “L” shape around and on one of them the lip of the countertop comes out about an extra foot and a half so you can tuck some bar stools under it. I’m pretty excited about eating Sunday morning breakfasts at the counter.

But of course, there’s some things I just can bare to pack yet. I mean, how do you start your day off right without your favorite coffee mug??