Scratch & Dent VICTORY

Hi all! A few posts back I rambled about lofty dreams of a Scratch & Dent success- and it happened! I am pleased to introduce to you my very first ever store bought piece of furniture: A SECTIONAL! It is glorious!

It has a dark brown leather frame with beige cushions that velcro down (so there’s no slipping and sliding! it’s genious!). Half couch, half chaise lounge, this sucker was only $900 with tax and delivery! HOLLER. We did not get the ottoman that comes with it because I have my eyes set on one that has a flip over coffee table top. I am so excited for this, it’ll be delivered on the 19th after we’ve had time to wash the floors and organize the rest of the room, and we’ll have a movie night to break it in that day too. Woo hoo!

I feel like I’m deliriously excited about this, my very first ever brand new and not just new to me piece of furniture. What do you think? What was your first new piece of furniture, or what do you hope it will be? Am I the only one that gets this excited about someone to sit my butt?