Le Resistance

OH goodness gracious, is it time to freak out yet? I am freaking out. I am so very excited but so very overwhelmed. Nobody tells you how scary it is, and it’s pretty scary. Today I’m going to distract myself from the big picture things by focusing on all the small little (not yet existent) details that’ll make my house so very adorable.

Browsing through Pinterest yesterday I saw this picture, and unfortunately it didn’t link to anything but it should be easily recreated. It’s so clever! I’m going to get wooden letters from the Walmart craft section, paint them, hot glue gun them together, and hang them up in the entryway. This will be a really good project for a day when I am too sick and tired to paint any more but know I need to do something.

The entryway to the house also had a huge chalkboard on  the wall, which I’m hoping is screwed in or something and they have to leave it because I kind of liked it. It was at little kid height and was maybe 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide. If it’s gone, I may consider some chalkboard paint for that wall for guests to leave notes, or to leave up reminders.