The Not So Fun Stuff

This week is slowly crawling by as we wait until Friday, and now that most of the packing and cleaning is done it’s just the business stuff that’s left now. Of course that never goes off easy- we have our internet service through Verizon and they are currently on strike so our only option is to shut off our service with them and switch to Comcast because they have no employees able to just move our service from one house to another. I can’t even imagine how many people this is happening to and how many customers they are losing! Also, the day after we buy the house we have to ship off to another state for a wedding so I have to have utilities service running at both the house and the apartment for 3 days and needed to explain to my company that they couldn’t just make a smooth transfer and why. Luckily I wasn’t on hold for too long.

Tonight we pack up the tricky stuff- we have a few tv’s and a surround sound system so there will be lots of wire unraveling and cats trying to play with cords that are being dragged along the floor. Also, I don’t know where I got it in my head that you should eat all your food before you move (especially since our move is less then 2 miles) but I did and we’re pretty much down to macaroni, bread, and butter at this point. Normally I’d get take out but I’m writing checks with lots of 0’s in them these days so it’s looking like we’ll be eating toast and bowties for the next two days!