Get out of my house!

Today after work I went with a friend of mine (Matt was at work) and my realtor to the house I am buying tomorrow. My house. And it is a seriously disappointing disaster zone. The house is filthy, beyond filthy and they haven’t finished moving out yet. There are clothes, books, blankets, desks, excercise machines, big screen tv’s, electronics… not just regular old odds and ends. Actual valuable things. They have, however, managed to take the mirror fixture and the bathroom and the doorbell. WHO TAKES A DOORBELL and leaves a big screen tv?

In addition to the inside of the house crap, the yard has pool chemicals, old paint, and rusted lawn furniture still laying around- waiting for someone to pay for it to be removed. And let me tell you, it will not be me who pays.

We are in the unfortunate position of buying this house through a short sale so there’s no room to make deals here- she either takes everything by noon tomorrow or she doesn’t. From what we gathered speaking to the woman’s realtor, her divorce is very messy and she left things that her husband was supposed to pick up and just hasn’t. Oye. Hopefully all the pay-to-be-removed things will be taken out by tomorrow, and if they want to leave their valuables that’s just fine because as of noon tomorrow the locks are getting changed and I’ll be selling whatever’s left on Craigslist.

Send good vibes that this will all work out, and my second final walk through tomorrow will be smooth sailing and at noon I will be a proud first time homeowner.

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