Move in Maniacs

I apologize for the terrible for pictures in this post… but I am exhausted! Yesterday we took the day off from moving to go to a wedding and we got back at about 2pm today. Once we got back we made at least 8 trips back and forth to the house, 2 carloads each time. At this point only the big stuff, the cats, and some food are left at the apartment. We hope to be completely moved out by noon tomorrow! We are starting to get a little loopy from the lack of sleep… Matt is currently YouTube-ing  old cartoon commercials and singing along. He’s cracked. Here’s an example of what is playing in my echoing empty dining room:

The most awful part of tonight’s move by far was Turtle. He is HUGE and lives in a 100 galloon tank. This means I had to empty out the entire tank and clean everything in it, then load the tank and the heavy duty workbench it sits on into 2 different cars, then position them in the new house, then refill the entire tank. It took about 2.5 hours, and all the muscle I have (which isn’t much). I hope to never, ever move him again. He’ll live in the office, and when we paint that room I fully intend on just painting around it.

Tonight is our last night in our apartment, and it’s definitely bittersweet. We love this place, we’ve spent the last year of our lives together here, and it’s funny to be moving on and away from it so quickly. I’m more and more excited for our house and everything we have to look forward to, but the simplicity of apartment living will definitely be missed.