Unpack, Unwrap

Yesterday was a stressful day in the land of  homeownership. It was absolutely downpouring out and it was the day we were moving all of our big funiture (mattresses, bedframes, the couch). My hope that Matt would be done at noon quickly became unrealistic and I ended up leaving work at 1 to help get things under control. Overall, we got way more accomplished yesterday then I had planned so today we’re in good shape and I can lean back a bit.

The cats are settled and loving life- there’s stairs to dart up and down, new things to sniff, new hiding spots to sneak into, bay windows with extra wide lounging ledges. This is their 4th new home since entering our lives so they’re pretty good at getting shuffled around. In fact, Luigi looks downright bored with my following him around making sure he’s ok. Their biggest concern is figuring out where their new food bowl is, and I don’t understand why but it always takes them a good week to figure it out. Moving them was even easier then I expected, normally WWIII breaks out when I try to get them into carriers but I packed up their food and litterboxes and put them in the car, and they walked right into their carriers ready to go whevere the Purina was!

Once I got the cats settled I moved on to unpacking all the necessesities. At this point the kitchen and bathroom are unpacked and my clothes are organized. Not everything is where it will end up being, but it’s at least out of the boxes and into the closets and cabinets. Look how nice my dish and mug cabinet looks! For me, the most welcoming room in my house needs to bethe kitchen and with everything in that room settled I immediately felt more at ease with all the chaos in the other rooms of the house. Maybe it’s the Italian in me, but if I can’t locate the macaroni it is due cause for panic. And on that note, I think Thursday I’m going to give myself a little break from house projects and make a nice lasagna to test out my new stove…

Today’s projects have been ammended to decluttering the sideroom in preparation to remove the wallpaper (tomorrow) and to getting the stank out of my living room. The sideroom has become a catchall for furniture and knicks knacks that don’t have a place to go yet, and decluttering it will probably just mean moving it all into the office. My sister in law spent hours trying to clean my living room, which was caked in animal mess and dirt and grit. It was looking good and smelling fine for a bit, but now the dog pee smell is back and I’m positive it’s all up in the radiator. After some research it looks like I can clean it out with a dishsoap and water mixture and some careful sponging. Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Unpack, Unwrap

  1. Definitely helpful to have at least one room where you can feel like things are less chaotic. And always helpful to have a space where you can just shove stuff until you are ready!

  2. Looking really good! The kitchen being settled helps so much. It’ll be a little more homey everyday until one day you look around “Oh my god, we’re moved in!” Keep up the awesome work 🙂

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