Yesterday afternoon I took a little ride to Home Depot to get paint for this weekend’s extravaganza. I have to say, I find Home Depot incredibly intimidating and I hate going there but the sales person in the paint department was very nice and friendly and all in all I think I got what I need. I ended up with a grand total of $250 of paint: 5 gallons of primer (should be enough for the whole house), 4 gallons of ceiling paint (also should be enough for the rooms that need it), and 4 gallons of color for the rooms we’re painting. Of course when I got home I realized I totally forgot to get white paint for the trims, but we’ll just prime those and finish them later.

Over the weekend and early into the weekend I hope to get the sunroom, kitchen, living room, and master bedroom all painted. The sunroom will be a deep sage green (the darkest on the swatch), the kitchen a light sunny yellow (the darkest on the swatch), the living room a grayish white (the lightest on the swatch) with a yellow accent wall, and the bedroom a cream (the middle on the swatch). I have been imagining the colors of these rooms since before I even starting looking for a house, so it was pretty easy to go in and just grab the swatch I wanted. It also helps that Matt is color blind, so he’s pretty impartial to whatever colors I choose. I called in reinforcements on what kind of paint to buy, because that’s what Dads are for, so we got Behr Premium Plus wall paint and Glidden ceiling paint.




I decided to buy the primer and ceiling paint in bulk to save on costs, and because we’ll use it all over the next month or two anyone and it’ll mean less trips to scary H.D. Also, I’m sure these huge buckets will come in handy for something…. maybe to throw weeds in when I garden? To spray paint and use as flower buckets? To store old rags in the shed? Who knows, but I’m a hoarder so I’ll keep them just in case. Plus, it looks like Luigi has some plans of his own for them.




Today’s agenda includes the super awesome delivery of our brand new sectional and a rearranging of boxes and furniture to prepare for painting. We’re going to take it easy today because this weekend will be crazy with all the family coming up to help and trying to get so much done.


One thought on “Paint!

  1. Colors are looking good!

    Yes, we have a ton of those sorts of buckets saved….. Our are old kitty litter buckets when we used to be able to afford the kitty litter that came in plastic buckets……… Great for weeding! Storing dirty stuff in a garage or basement – also storing salt and sand for the driveway in the winter.

    I recently partaked (is that a word) in a beverage that was made and served in a home depot 5 gallon bucket…. But I think it was a clean one to start……….

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