Today we got the whole downstairs (kitchen, living room, sunroom) primed and also got fresh ceiling paint up. The before and after pictures are CRAZY- they don’t all line up perfectly but you can get the idea. I am so excited to get the color up on these walls after seeing the difference just primer makes.


Front entrance when we toured the house & front entrance today with primer and no clutter





Kitchen when we first toured & kitchen today with no wallpaper & primer



 Living room when toured & living room with primer (wow!)




Sunroom when toured & now primed with no wallpaper (another WOW!)




My family busted their butts for about 8 hours today to get the walls spackled, 2 coats of primer up and the ceilings done and I am so very appreciative. It is looking amazing and it’s really starting to feel like home. Tomorrow we’re going to try and put the final color on the sunroom, then hopefully Monday do the living room or kitchen, and then we go on vacation so the rest will have to wait.