On the road again

Tomorrow we leave for a week long vacation, which I’m excited about but also I can’t stop thinking about all the painting we’d get done if we were here. The past 2 days have been very productive though:

  • Attached a door to the basement (just hinges, no knob yet because we need to cut out a hole for it)
  • Discovered our bathroom sink is broken and needs to be completely replaced
  • Got the washing machine working (but not the dryer, I believe there’s an electrical problem)
  • Scraped a fair amount of nonsense off the front window
  • Touched up the sunroom paint & moved a little furniture in
  • Weeded the flower bed behind the driveway
  • Bought a cute pillow for the living room couch
On tap for when we get back next week:
  • Call our electrician friend to help with wires
  • Call our handyman friend to install the new sink (which we will hopefully get at the Habitat store for cheap)
  • Paint the living room
  • Paint the kitchen
Cya on Monday!!