Jimmy Rigs & Shortcuts

Last night, amidst thoughts of if I packed my toothbrush and whether or not my hair stuff is smaller then 3 ounces, I was also kept awake by my downstairs bathroom.

Matt & I have found many shortcuts the previous owner took to fix her home (instead of you know, actually fixing them). She used a rock to close the gate instead of fixing the latch, she balanced the sink on the pipes instead of buying a new sink, she hung a tension rod curtain on the bathroom vanity instead of replacing the doors when they broke… but the latest one really annoys me. I thought we had some really nice wainscoting in the downstairs half bath but last night I discovered it was just painted contact paper with cheap molding nailed to the top of it. That has now begun to peel and bubble. UGH. Unfortunately it’ll have to wait until we finish painting the first floor, and the second, until I get to it.











This whole half bath will need the contact paper taken down, the molding removed, the wallpaper from inside the nooks removed, and fresh new paint. Luckily it’s a small enough room to just be a weekend project (I hope).


One thought on “Jimmy Rigs & Shortcuts

  1. In my family it is jerry-rigged!

    Fortunately you can buy pre-fabed bead board to do wainscoting for not too much. I have never seen the real stuff for sale in any box store! And hey – it is all about the faux finish baby!

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