Home again!

We are finally back from our very extended vacation in New Mexico! We had planned on staying just until Sunday but due to hurricane Irene we were unable to get a flight out until yesterday. It was so nice to have extra time to see the sights and visit more with family, and to be forced to take some real time off– all in all it was a 10 day vacation, and I haven’t had more then a 3 or 4 day vacation since 2005. As promised, here’s a look at our lizard candle holder and tiles-that-will-soon-be-coasters (the lamp was already ours):











The candle holder is greenish-yellow so it’ll go in our sage green sunroom, which is next to our (soon to be) light yellow kitchen. It should work really well. The tiles I just fell in love with. If I were to become a hoarder, tiles would probably be my biggest collection. I love them. I must learn how to tile so one day I can create an amazing backsplash behind my stove.


We got in late last night, and realized on our drive back that it would be the PERFECT time to recaulk and seal the back wall of bathtub. Who needs sleep anyway? The bathtub had the 10 days we were gone to completely dry out, so evenwe though we were exhausted it was in opportune conditions. The back bathtub wall was just about completely separated from the actual bathroom wall, which we learned about during the inspection, and to prevent moisture and mold from getting back there we had to caulk it back on and then seal it up. This sounds much easier then it actually is. We quickly realized the previous owner had already tried and failed at this once (she had clearly tried to take shortcuts with it) so we had to scrape off her attempt, recaulk, then seal. Then came the problem- the wall needed pressure on it while it dried and we certainly didn’t feel like standing there all night after traveling for 12 hours… we probably wouldn’t have felt like it even if we hadn’t been traveling all day. So, after some fighting and some swearing and lots of sweating we realize that our unassembled bed would work like a charm. We propped up two of the beams and sturdied them with crates full of DVD’s so they wouldn’t budge. Voila! The whole project took about an hour and a half and this is what it looked like when it was all propped up and drying:












Once the bathroom adventures were completed we got ourselves a full night of sleep snuggled up with our cats (all of which I was missing like crazy… crazy like a crazy cat lady) and started right back up in the morning. My parents had given us a Home Depot gift certificate as part of our housewarming gift so we put it to use and got a new kitchen sink to replace our broken one and to end my days of doing dishes in the half bathroom. We have a friend who will be able to install it for us hopefully with in the next week. Look how shiny:

It cost a pretty penny, but the sink, faucet, rack, and drain are all in one and its 20 gauge stainless steel. It should look really nice next to our stainless steel oven, and I love that the faucet and sprayer are one in the same so we have an extra little nook to pile our dishes.

Once we got home with the sink we taped off the living room and kitchen and got the first coat of paint up in the living room. It’s a color called “white truffle,” which is painfully close to white and was very difficult to paint over the primer. We had to keep turning on and off the lights to check and make sure we hadn’t missed a spot. So far so good though, and I think if we can get the second coat up tomorrow and get 2 coats on the kitchen the downstairs will be ready for decorating!