Ups & Downs

Once one thing is fixed, another breaks. Here’s the list of what is currently not working in our house, that was working when we got it inspected:

  • Downstairs toilet: we got the parts to fix it, but neglected to get the special wrench we needed to actually install it. Should be up and running by tomorrow!
  • Kitchen sink: as noted in a previous post, we purchased a new sink and parts but we’re still trying to schedule our friend to come over and install it. I’m willing to wait until whenever our friend can come because due to bullet point #3 we need to save money.
  • Shower: after a long day of painting I took a nice relaxing shower, and when I shut off the water the knob came off in my hand. Oye. Thanks to the wonders of Facebook it turns out I have a cousin that lives 20 minutes away (that I’ve never met) that is a plumber so hopefully he will call me tonight or tomorrow morning. If not I’m going to call another recommended plumber tomorrow afternoon and hopefully get it fixed asap. We need to shower!
But for everything that’s awful, there’s a bunch of great exciting stuff too. Today I hot glue gunned some felt to the tiles I got in New Mexico and officially turned them into coasters. I also got the slipcover on our couch now that the living room is painted- unfortunately I didn’t realize it needed to be ironed so it doesn’t look to great, but it’ll do for now. And last but not least we unpacked 6 more boxes tonight- 2 boxes of textbooks, 2 boxes of candles, and 2 boxes of craft/office supplies. We also did our first loads of laundry in our new-to-us washer and dryer and nothing exploded or sparked or blew up! Woo hoo!

Henry approves of homemade coasters.

Our very wrinkly couch