What’s now considered an easy day

Today we had to take it easy… our shower isn’t working yet, so we didn’t want to do anything that would get us too gross. Matt and one of his friends inspected the shower and the toilet, and even though I knew they wouldn’t be able to fix either I let them just putter around and figure it out for themselves. They also started working out what will need to be done to add built in shelves to the three closets in the basement, hopefully we can get that project up and running next month.

I finished painting the bookshelf today, and began styling it as well. I found three black frames in the basement that the previous owner left behind, so I’m putting them to use in the bookshelf along with some knick knacks. I think it’s going to look really cute when it’s done, and that it will help put all the colors of the room in one place. The yellow accent wall is starting to grow on me now that I can picture how the rest of the room will look, but it is so difficult to paint straight up to the edge of the wall with each color. Right now it’s a little swervy and spotted, but it’s the best we can do so we’ll fix it when we fine tune our painting skills a bit. I’m not quite sure what to put on the bottom shelf, I’ll have to look around and see what I can find- maybe just some books. Because we’re not going to have any electronics in the living room, I like that our board games will be there- they just take some of the seriousness out of it. I want the room to be cozy and inviting, not magazine picture looking.




Once I was done with the bookshelf I got on a bit of a roll and decided to work on a $12 mirror I bought at Salvation Army a few weeks ago. It’s very simple, just a wooden frame- I sanded the frame,  used painters tape on the mirror, and painted it with some black painters tape. I’m going to hang it on the wall around the corner from the bookshelf, and I think I’m going to hang an embroidery hoop above it with whatever fabric I buy to make the pillows with.


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    • I was thinking I’m going to do something to the back… I might stencil a design in yellow and not do the whole thing. I’ve got a few ideas floating around.

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