Friday, I’m in love

Finally it’s Friday! That means I’m out of work early and have the afternoon and weekend to work on house projects, which is not so much a chore but something to look forward too- though I have started to be a little sore in the morning so maybe no painting for a few more days.

Today I hope to buy a lawnmower and to get some yardwork done in preparation for our housewarming party tomorrow afternoon. I have to admit, I’ve never ever mowed a lawn before so this should be pretty interesting. Our house is up on a hill and we have a terraced front yard and back yard so we’ve decided (ie, our dad’s have decided) that a self-propelled gas fueled mower would be best. I’ve researched around Home Depot, Sears, and Walmart and expect to spend somewhere around $230. The lawn is starting to get unruly, so at this point that’s an investment I”m willing to make even though it means I’ll have to hold off on furniture and paint shopping until I get a few more paychecks.

So, because I have to hold off on doing the big huge house changers, I indulged in a little browsing today to curb the urge a bit. I am looking for grey/yellow/white wall art for my living room, preferably 6 4×6 notecard sized illustrations because I plan on framing them and then hanging the frames in some shutters, and then hanging the shutters on the wall. But that’s a project for another post…. Anyway, I found no such notecards and am now thinking that once I unpack my external hard drive I may be able to fashion some art of my own. No tears though, of course I did find something to buy. I came across the Flourish Cafe during my hunt and couldn’t resist purchasing this cute little 4×6: It’s too adorable to not hang in my kitchen, and I’m hoping the green background will work with the sage green of my sun room and the yellow spoon will work with the yellow of my kitchen and I can begin to join the rooms together. I have some wooden frames already, so once it arrives it’ll be framed and hung above the stove.




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