So fresh & so clean

After 5 days and $585.00 we finally have a working shower! Sweet, glorious shower how I’ve missed you! And maybe I’m just high off soap suds, but I swear the water pressure is better too. The plumber spent about two hours today replacing parts of pipes and valves and welding things together, and was so kind as to be mindful of the cats and explain to us what exactly he was doing. Needless to say, his number is now permanently saved in my cell phone for future plumbing and heating needs.

As terrible no good awful as it was to not have a shower for five days, I was a little bit humbled today by a coworker of mine who is a Navy vet. I was telling him how we’re doing at the house and explaining what was wrong with the shower- he looked at me and laughed, then continued on to say when he was serving overseas he went for four months without ever getting a shower. That they used to poke holes in Poland Spring water bottles and hold them over their heads. Sooooo yeah, I guess my 5 days really wasn’t so bad.

Once I got over the shininess of our new shower on/off knob, I quickly got to work in the kitchen painting the second coat of our cheerful yellow color. The kitchen is quickly becoming my favorite room in the house, and as soon as we can remove the painters tape this blog will be filled up with pictures of its adorableness. The walls are happy and bright, the floor (after being washed six times) is clean and shiny, and the counters are decorating with my canister sets and knick knacks. Hooray!