If the sink fits

Today we hit several wonderful home ownership milestones! This morning, the oil delivery man came and inspected our tank and gave us the gift of hot water. I can not wait to take a shower as soon as this post is done- a nice, long, warm shower. Then this afternoon one of Matt’s handy dandy friends came over and fixed our downstairs toilet and… wait for it…. installed our sink!!!

Please ignore the gross baseboard heater.

But back to the bathroom for a minute…..Oh to have the choice to pee upstairs or downstairs! To flush the toilet without fear! To be able to do my makeup in the morning without haste while someone waits outside the door! It’s the simple things in life people, it really is.

Tomorrow I’ll give this bathroom the good scrubbing it deserves.


But on to the more important part of this post– no more basement dishes! I hated you, basement dishes! I hated how you didn’t fit in the tiny bathroom sink, how I was banned to the basement and left alone to scrub, how if I didn’t weight proportion the strainer it would tip over (and break my beloved college alumni mug!).  Enough of the theatrics though, seriously I am so beyond excited about this kitchen sink that it’s borderline concerning.


It took several hours to cut out the old sink and install the new one, but overall it seemed (to someone who knew what they were doing) to be very straight forward.The main reason it took so long is because there was a Home Depot run between taking out the old sink and fitting in the newone. And because there was some sort of skill sawing involved in making the new sink fit:

After the old sink was removed, a slightly larger hole needed to be cut. I panicked, but our counter didn’t crack or warp at all.

Then, we learned the meaning of “measure twice, cut once”

After adding some foam strip to the inside, the sink fits like a glove!

It took about an hour to attach all the hoses to everything they needed to be attached too, I tried to stay clear of it all because this whole process made me very very nervous. We have not had good luck with water in this house.

After the hoses were attached, the faucet went in. It was just one nozzle (and a cover for the additional two holes you see above), so that was super easy.











Because I’m such a nice Italian young woman, I pay my workers in delicious lasagna. Also, now that I can do dishes I can cook again! Hooray!

I will be forever grateful to all the friends and family that are volunteering their time to help us in this adventure, without them I don’t think we’d have even half of what has been done, done. Things are really shaping up around here and it’s feeling like home more and more each day. Yesterday as I was putting away laundry it hit me that this is all ours, and we got to choose this and we get to stay here for as long as we want. I don’t really know how to describe the kind of feeling that gives you, the absurd sense of adulthood you get from not only owning something but putting everything you’ve got into it. I don’t know what I expected this all to feel like, but it just makes me really happy. I’m sitting in my (albeit, very empty) living room with the walls painted the color I picked and the coffee tables I assembled myself and it’s just nice.

But enough of that soft mushy stuff, and I’ll leave you with this one last picture before I take the shower I’ve been dreaming of all day. Missoni for Target launched today so I ran out and got myself this fabulous canister to replace the disgusting candle holder I originally had on this shelf. I want to put something special in it, maybe write down important dates on little slips of paper and keep them in there as time goes on. Or, maybe I’ll just keep cat treats in there so I don’t have to go all the way downstairs to get them…..