Decorating Dreams

This week we’ve taken time off from painting to get some other things done. Besides getting the sink and toilet up and running we also ::finally:: mowed the lawn and loaded up some lawn bag with leaves, unpacked some more boxes, and washed the floors again.

Next week’s plan though is to get back to painting, particularly to paint the bedroom. We haven’t set up any of our bedroom furniture because we figured we’d just have to  move it when we paint anyway, so my goal is to get it all done and settled by next Sunday.

With the bedroom done, it’ll be time to start thinking about ART. I have a lot of stuff already to hang on walls, but we have a lot more walls now and we really want to add our personality into things. We’re pretty obsessed with anything by James Jean, but his work tends to be on the creepy side so we’ll have to keep it upstairs. Here’s what I love most:

  •  Our bedroom is blues, browns, and golds so this here horse would fit in just perfectly. I’ve already got a 5 canvas painting I bought that will be put up above our bed, so I’m not quite sure where this print would go. I love how loosely and swirly it’s drawn, and how there’s things hidden in the background. It’s quite large though, 17’x22′ so we’ll have to set up the room before we know if we have space for it.





  •  This little lady is absolutely precious, and has far less of a creep factor. It’s green background would match the sunroom, but I’m not quite sure she fits in there. I’m not quite sure she fits at all, but I do love her.








  •  This one I love love love. I love that some of the balloons are secrely octopi and molecules, that her fingers are twisted around the ropes, and that it all sort of looks smudged. This is another one I’m not sure belongs anywhere, but she’s got yellow and gray going on so maybe in our entranceway- not quite in the living room but near it? Or maybe in the guest room above the bed? But then I don’t want to creep out our visitors. Hmm…





Matt & I are definitely oddballs when it comes to our art. We like things spooky and mysterious, and we like a lot of hidden pictures within the pictures. One of our current favorites is a brown canvas with a gold ink sketch of a bear, and hidden within the bear is a skull, and hidden within the skull are snakes. Nobody ever spends enough time looking at it to notice all those things so we hung it right up in the dining room of our old place. We got it at a horror movie convention last year, met the artist (and he signed it!), then framed it ourselves. Once the rooms are ready and the art is up there will be a post dedicated to it all.


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