Making Due

We are clearly not made of money, and I’ve gotten to the point where we need to hold off on the big purchases for a bit. I still have plenty of crafts and painting (we stocked up on paint) to do, but we’re going to have to make due with the furniture we have for a couple more months.

Eventually, we would love to have a little white tea cart in the kitchen to put our coffee maker, tea, tea cups, mugs, etc. We’re big tea drinkers, and we have a LOT of glassware so any way we can move things around and store things in new places is helpful. Unfortunately, for now this shelf from Big Lots will have to do. We got it from Matt’s parents and used it in a nook at our old apartment to store all our cleaners and laundry supplies.  For now, it’s our make-shift tea station. The top shelf has our coffee pot (blocked by a cute little knick knack) and our ceramic cookie jar- which is full of tea bags, and is kept out all year because we love Halloween. The next down shelf holds our japanese tea pot, cup set, and loose tea balls. The middle shelf holds our Ikea mug set, decaf tea, and loose tea leaf containers, and the bottle shelf is just for art’s sake. Inside the handy dandy draw we stowed away our ipod speakers and mixing cups. This freed up a lot of space in our cabinets for spreading out dishes and glassware.


Upstairs in the guest room I stationed three mix matched Walmart shelving systems into one big old book shelf. It’s really important to me that things are cozy and lived in, I hate when people just put things on shelves without thinking of the aesthetic of it, so I tried to balancing out stacked books and display books and rows of books. It insane how much time I spend thinking about these things… I call it “shelf styling,” and Matt calls it “insane.” Right now, the crazy painted walls will have to stay. I have enough primer to cover them up, but I’d rather wait and start the walls when I can afford to finish them.


Also in the guest room, we made use of our extra bed, my old nightstand (from my parent’s house), an Ikea lamp I used to have in my office, and some picture frames we used to have in our dining room. With the sunny window and white accessories it almost almost makes the crazy walls bearable. But it’ll do for now!