Bedroom Progress

My camera battery has been located! And the bedroom is no longer sparkly! Yesterday I got up two coats of primer, and today the color. Just to be on the safe side, I think we’re going to wait until tomorrow to bring in the furniture- we’re not quite sure how to set it up yet and I don’t want to risk smudging the walls if they’re tacky and we have to move things around a few times.

The room itself is plenty big for all the furniture we have- and by all, I mean 3 pieces. However, 2 of the 4 walls have windows right in front of them and a third wall hosts the double closet. It’s impossible to create a balance between the tv stand, bed, and bureau so

we’re going to need to get creative. I like the bureau under the window, but it I’m not sure what that will mean for the bed and tv stand. Our bed has a nightstand connected to it and I’m pretty sure it’s made to attach to either side, so that should help somehow…

My other thought now that it’s painted is that I’m not so sure our old wall art goes with our new wall color. It’s a cream colored wall with a slight orange tint, and my main piece of art is a 5 canvas painting with brown, gold, and blue tones.  I don’t think it’ll go in this room anymore, but I’m hoping it will work in the office once that’s up and running because I absolutely love it.