A place to lay my head

Last night Matt & I got a little restless and assembled the bed, moved around the bureau, and got the tv hooked up. There’s still painter’s tape on the walls, but nothing is flat up against them yet so it’ll still be easy to remove. We were just so anxious to finally not being sleep on a mattress on the floor that wecouldn’t wait, so we worked until almost 11:00 last night to get it done. We went through 4 different room set ups, trying to decide how to keep symmetry and utilize space.

What I have hidden from you in the pictures below is the wall the hosts our closet, because it currently has only one of two doors attached, and the attached door is  mirrored- it’s hideous. It’s beyond hideous. And because it’s missing a door you can see the insane amount of shoes I own and I don’t think I’m ready to share that.

There’s a little space maybe two feet deep where the entrance to the room is, and we decided that from that space straight back would be a little hallway in t the room, and we’d start planning symmetry where the adjoining wall begins. I’m not sure my description is very clear, but trust me that it works and that when I have doors I will show you.

This is the view when you walk in the room… to the left of the bed is the little hallway space I tried to explain, and the lamp lines up with where the wall begins opposite of it. I’m not so sure about that lamp, but I think once we get some art and pictures up on the walls it will balance out and fit in a little better. I had been thinking lately that I hate our comforter set, but it goes really nice with the wall color so I might not hate it so much anymore, we’ll give it a few weeks. Attached to the bed is a nightstand, and the whole thing was purchased at Ikea. This is the sixth time it’s been assembled and it has held up incredibly well, we’re lucky not to have to buy a new bedroom set. Next to that is currently a cat scratcher, but it’s just a place holder until I buy a small vanity chair to put in it’s place.  And then you can see about half of our bureau. Once I decide to either keep the comforter set we have or buy a new one I will sand and repaint the bureau and replace the hinges to update it.

  And here’s the view from that weird little hallway. I have to keep the top of the bureau pretty bare because since it’s placed right under a window the cats spend most of their day lounging around up there, and I don’t want them to knock anything over.  The tv stand lines up perfectly across from the bed, and I’d like to eventually get a matching pair of bookshelves to put on either side of it, but for now we just have one so it’ll have to do.

Once I decide if I hate or love the comforter set I also plan on painting the back wall of the tv stand whatever color I decide to paint the bureau. It was less then $100 at Target and because of that it lacks any style or flare, plus I think if you have just one piece of painted furniture amongst a bunch of wood it stands out, so this would help it look more united.










I had planned to hang up curtains today too, but I have absolutely no idea where the brackets have gone. I also learned today while I was trying to decorate that a lot of our frames and art just don’t really go anymore. They can’t be arranged in a symmetrical way with the new shapes of the rooms, and they don’t really fit the space. It’s a real bummer, but not something totally unexpected. I think I’m just going to wait to put up anything at all until I can put up everything for a room at once.