Pictures Sooner then Expected

I couldn’t take having the blurriness of the previous post be the only showcase of my awesome handiwork. So here’s two far better pictures… that show the un-styled but still magnificently completed desk:

Don't mind the rug, I'm mulling over rug possibilities and this is what we have hanging around. Do you know how expensive those plastic floor pads are? IT'S INSANE. So maybe this will work better to protect the floor from a rolly chair.


I'm thinking I may attach sheets of black poster board to the legs of the desk- it needs some sort of wire-hider.


And let me just say that honestly, life is good. Amongst the crazy amount of work we’ve been doing around here, and will continue to do for years to come, at the end of the day I couldn’t be happier…..

I think I'll just squeeze in somewhere between the cat plops, curl up, and get a good night's sleep.


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