New Stuff!

This weekend Matt and I went back to my hometown for a few different things and ended up pit stopping at the Christmas Tree Shops where we found so many bargains. I got furniture pads, bath mats, a k-cup tree, fridge sized notepads, and….. wait for it…. benches for the bay windows just $40 each!!

We got a black leather bench for the living rom, and while it does look a little small now I think once there’s big comfy chairs flagging either side of it it’ll work really nicely in the room. Now there are two whole seating options in the living room! Next up for this room will definitely be a big huge rug, I’m thinking a light gray pattern of some kind.

Please excuse the paint trays on the window… that room gets a ton of sun and the brushes dry very quickly there.







Then we got a beige fabric bench for the sunroom, and it looks adorable! The quilt on the bench was made by my grandmother, and will eventually live on the futon/loveseat we plan on getting for the room (haven’t decided which yet). Also note the big ceramic pumpkin on the windowsill, another item acquired this weekend- my grandmother made it!






Also for the sunroom,  we picked up this stained glass window. Nonna has had it in her basement for years, and it’s got both the green of the sunroom and the yellow of the kitchen so it’ll be perfect. I need to find a glass company somewhere around here to add hooks and a chain to it, and then I plan on hanging it either in the bay window or on the window the faces our carport.





And last, but certainly not least, I inherited this cake stand. I love it! Right now it lives on the kitchen counter, but I think it’ll eventually got in the sunroom.