Living Room Art

House projects are about to go on a bit of a hiatus because I picked up a seasonal 4 night/week job that runs until November. So now, during the week is for brainstorming! This long weekend I’d like to FINALLY tackle and/or finish my long past due living room shutter project.

Currently I have three shutters spray painted black leaned up against my living room wall (noted in a previous post). By Monday evening I’d like for all three to be hanging up behind my couch and for each one to have two original pieces of art in them (designed by me!). Matt & I have decided on three quotes that we’d like to have up, so each frame will get a quote and two pieces of graphic design.

 The first quote piece is done and printed, so I’m already a little ahead of the game! All of the art will be white, gray, and yellow and printed 5×7. I also have dollar store frames that I will be sanding and painting the same yellow as the accent wall and kitchen.

This quote is a little sappy/mushy so we wanted the other two to be a little lighter. We chose:

1. Home is where the fastest internet is.

2. I really ought to do something but I am already in my pajamas.


My plan is to put this home quote in the middle shutter, and have the two others flagging it. The two others will also be a simpler design, probably a large font with a scaled back picture on each.


As for the other 6 pieces I need to create, I’m thinking zig zags and paisleys. Maybe circles? We’ll see where my heart takes me!