It’s the small things

Today in between jobs I rushed around reattaching outlets to the downstairs switches and plugs. We finished painting downstairs weeks ago, so it was long past due.

In the living room we have all new black outlet plates, which look really nice up against the gray walls, and in the kitchen and sunroom we scrubbed clean the existing outlets and put them right back up. They were filthy, and greasy, and I’m continuously fascinated with how unkempt the previous owners seem to be.

I also got to see Matt long enough to give him chores for the night, and it reminded me that I wanted to post our cute new kitchen gadget. I noticed at my friends house that she keeps her dish soap in an oil/vinegar dispenser and I thought it was just the cutest way to disguise something you need so often.

Please excuse the cheap Photobooth pictures, I snapped it on the way out the door.

I picked up this white one at Christmas Tree Shops while we were there, for under $5, and it is a great solution! We don’t have under the sink space so I had just been keeping the bottle on the counter, and it was just so ugly, I’m quite pleased with this simple and cheap remedy!