Witchy Woman

This weekend my parents are coming up to help with painting window trim, measuring for blinds, and picking out curtains. I figured it was the perfect time to test out one of the zillion ideas I’ve been looking at on Pinterest.com – witch hat cookies!

Aren’t these little fellas just the cutest?! You take a keebler stripe cookie (upside down), orange frosting, and a hershey kiss. And voila! You’re done! No baking, no dirty dishes, no messy counter!

I was shocked that this time of year there was no orange frosting out at the store, so I bought white frosting and  food coloring and mixed away (12 drops yellow, 4 drops red). I’m keeping them in the fridge overnight, mainly because I have 3 cats, but I think they’d do fine just out on the counter top as well.

One whole package of cookies fits perfectly on my new tiered dessert holder!