Touches & Accents

Yesterday my parents came up for the day to help me work on the house, and that means it was all business all day- they get things done. Dad spent about five hours painting all of the trim on the first floor, and it looks so bright and white now! What I like about it is that every room is a different color, but every room has white trim so it’s the first floor is really starting to look more united.

From 11:30-5:00 he painted 5 window sills, 3 doorways, 2 radiators, and all the floor molding. And, because it was such a nice day, it was all dry by the time my mom and I got home from our massive adventure… curtain shopping! We hit up all of the following on a hunt for bargains: K-Mart, Big Lots, Walmart (twice), Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot, Sears, and JC Penny. Mom is serious about deals, and because she and dad were so gracious as to foot the bill (because, in her words, she doesn’ want “The Grabber” to see in the windows) I trucked along.

Our main goal was to find thermal curtains to hang above the sliding doors in the sunroom. It’ll be cold out soon… I think, it’s about 80 degrees today… and there’d be a lot of heat loss through these doors if we didn’t cover them up. Originally, I wanted something I could push all to one side so the door could be easily opened and shut in the summer. However, the curtains are heavy so we ended up needing to put a middle brace on the wall. Here’s the curtains in all their daytime glory:

I ended up settling on a set of beige-y/burlap-y curtains we found at JC Penny, Sonoma by Cindy Crawford. They’ve got a subtle gold hue to them and they’re not just a solid color, they’re textured. I want all of the window dressings in the sunroom and kitchen to match since the rooms open up to each other, but matching all the dressing and the door curtains is impossible so I figured a neutral color would be best and the rest can match. The curtains also came in a nice sage green, but I didn’t want to match the sunroom walls to closely because, again, the goal is to bring two rooms together.

Here’s the curtain closed, sort of. The cats refused to move from their chipmunk watching positions so it’s bubbled over their fat little bodies… but you get the idea. They work great! The curtains have grommets, which is a word I just learned the definition of yesterday. It means they have big silver holes for sliding over the curtain rods, so they open and close more easily.

At the end of the day, we bought curtain rods for the sunroom and living room (Walmart), blinds for the whole first floor (Home Depot), thermal sliding door curtains (JC Penny), and living room curtains (ordered at Bed Bath & Beyond). Great success!

Look at how lovely our sunroom is coming together! Imagine the two camp chairs are a futon or love seat, the cat scratcher is a buffet or bar, and we’ve found lovely green and yellow valances for the bay window and regular window. I’m lovin’ it.


Now I’m off to finally get going on this whole living room shutter project- and just wait till you see how the living room is shaping up! I’ll save that for tomorrow…