Changes to the living room

While my parents were here on Saturday mom got very excited that my living room had “options.” In their house, the space is small and there’s no real way to play around with furniture. However, in my funny shaped living room you have no choice but to play around with it. My living room has 3 entrances because of the open floor concept on the first level, and things are exactly symmetrical. Instead of trying to put furniture up against walls, the new idea is to create a sitting space and a walking space- very HGTV of us.

We’ve moved the couch under the bay window (it used to be on the wall across from it) and now plan to get two chairs and a rug to create a square living room space. Then, behind the chairs will be a little walkway so you can easily enter from all three entrances without having to navigate around furniture. I think it looks pretty cute!

I’m hoping this will give the illusion of symmetry where it doesn’t really exist. Oh, and in the above picture, can you spot the next project? I’ll give you a second…….

There’s curtain rods in the right corner! Our awesome gray/silver living room curtains should be here by Friday and I’m so excited to see what they look like! I think it’ll really start to tie the room together. For now, I’m just going to let the curtains hang straight down, but I think eventually I’m going to get some of those fancy tassel ropes to tie them back with.

My favorite part about this new set up is that we’re putting that little entranceway wall to use. The painted black mirror and the black wooden end table look great by each other, and I can decorate that end table based on the season. Gosh it makes me feel old to be excited about that. 


Also accomplished this weekend: raking the yard! Picking out art for the shutters! Moving our tools from the office to the basement! Bringing a bookshelf up from the basement into the office! Pictures on most of these things will be posted throughout the week… isn’t homeownership riveting?

I would like to wrap up with this one thought, though: I am genuinely enjoying this whole crazy process. I have been a part of everything that’s happened to this house in the past two months, and it looks completely different from when we first toured it. I love it here, and I’m so glad we moved.