Much Ado about Nothing

Things have been a bit intense now that I’m working 13 hour days… just 5 more weeks left until I have a normal schedule again! I’m hoping when I get my check on Friday it’ll make this all feel more worthwhile…

Because of my insane amount of working, things are definitely a little laxi daisy on the home front. I will say there’s a crime-scene-esque rug outline currently taped down onto my living room floor and I’m pretty sure I’ve settled on a rug that I need to have in my life. I’m waiting (not very patiently, if I may add) for my curtains to arrive so I can make sure it’ll all look nice together and I won’t over-grayify my living room.

Also, dun dun DA (please read that triumphantly), today I picked up the prints I’m going to use in my shutter project! I ended up hating everything I designed myself, which is no real surprise because I tend to be very critical of my work. So, to the rescue! I ordered digital prints for $3 and they were emailed to me within an hour, then I picked 5 of the 10 prints I received and placed a photo order. Here’s a little preview of what’s to come:  Isn’t that the cutest little pattern ever? I’m swooning a bit over it…

So, with any luck, the shutter project will be officially completed on Friday! I am going to hold off on actually hanging up the shutters, though, until we’ve got furniture finalized in the room. No need to make holes in the wall if things may need to get shuffled around when I find and can afford two more chairs for the room.

And on that note, back to my supervisor duties for the next hour and a half… whine whine whine. More tomorrow!