Feels like Christmas morning

They’re here! They’re here! After such a long wait my living room curtains have finally arrived: They’re Maddox brand curtains, which we found at Bed, Bath, & Beyond but had to have special ordered to the house because they only sold 83 inch length in the store and I need 63. In person, they’ve got the slightly silver shimmer to them that doesn’t show up in the above picture- and they’re multi-toned so they won’t look flat and boring up on the wall. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to wait until Friday to get them up because there’s just no time in between jobs to iron all four panels and hang the rods. I’m waiting to take them out and really see their size up against the window before I hang the rods because I may space things out a bit and try to create an illusion that my side window is bigger then it really is.


Also, my poor moldy jack-o-lantern has officially been banished to the rear driveway lawn (ps- how cool is it that we have 3 different lawns?!). I used Matt’s pumpkin, 3 of my gourds, a candle holder, and a ceramic knick knack to create a real sloppy centerpiece on the kitchen table:

My goal is to one day gather up some fabric doily’s and sew them into a table runner, but I’ve yet to even start looking for them so for now this will have to do. I must add to this that my kitchen wall looks incredibly dull in this shot- it’s so hard to photograph a yellow wall. But I assure you that it’s bright and cheerful and awesome!