The good kind of sparkles

I absolutely could not wait until Friday to see what the curtains look like, so in between jobs today I put a little hustle in my bustle and ironed all four panels then put up the rod and curtain for the side window. The bay window still needs to get done, but at least I get a little sneak peak!

 Unlike the dreadful sparkles on the master bedroom, these sparkles really make me smile. I hung the rod up and above the window sill and put the brackets about two inches out from the sill  to extend the reach along the wall and make sure the curtains wouldn’t be too bunched up. I like that the rods are nice and simple and that the finials are square (so they match the coffee table set). The curtains are a few shades darker then the walls, but in person the woven shimmery fabric really brightens the room. I spent a good 10 minutes fluffing them up and spacing them just right, trying to figure out if they look good hanging straight down or if I should get some sort of tie back for them. I’m still not really sure, but there’s no rush to decide that. I think that’s a decision that can wait until the rest of the room is completed and we’re wrapping up finishing touches.



Once the curtains were ironed, they only took about fifteen minutes to put up. I measure the space for the brackets on both side so they’d be even, then used nails instead of the screws that came with the rod because I have an easier time with them. Once it was up,  I just colored in the silver nail head with a black sharpie so that it wouldn’t stand out.

I can't wait to see what the room looks like once both windows are dressed!