Yesterday in between a baby shower and a play I stopped by my parents house to grab some more boxes and sort through more things. I ended up coming home with a tote full of Christmas tree ornaments, three boxes of china and stemware, six metal folding chairs, a stainless steel dish rack, and some paper goods. It’s concerning how much I’ve accumulated over the past few months just by going home two or three times.

I have inherited a lot of kitchenware from my aunt, and it has all been stored at my parents house. Yesterday I finally got to started bringing back the good stuff now that I’ve made some room in my cabinets.

 In addition to numerous wine glasses, plates, dishes, and knick knacks I now have a twelve piece tea cup set of bone china that I absolutely love. Unfortunately right now it’s mostly hidden in a cabinet, but some of the tea cups look very seasonal so I anticipate using them in centerpieces throughout the year. I also put two of them on the living room shelves- a black and white set and an all white set. Next to the tea cups are what I think may be sherbet glasses, and then next to those are champagne flutes. I’ve decided that we’re never going to have a fancy enough party to need to “save” these things for and I’d much rather enjoy them everyday. I don’t understand why people have china sets stowed away in boxes, just in case. In case of what? Is the president ever going to come over for dinner? Are you close friends with the Queen of England and she may breeze through at any given moment? I doubt it, so just use them!

Most of my morning has been spent washing and drying and stacking and reorganizing, but it’s nice to see these things that I saw growing up now in my house, so I took great care in doing everything slowly and carefully.



Once that was all done, I was feeling inspired enough to work on my Fall decorations. Matt’s pumpkin is now gross enough to move outside without him getting upset, so we needed a new kitchen table centerpiece. I also wanted to work on the end table in the living room:

The kitchen table is looking quite festive now, if I do say so myself. This arrangement definitely needs some leaves or straw, and I’ll be adding a table runner underneath once I acquire one, but for now it’s simple and cute. The pumpkin snowman is from Pier One, the votive holder and tray are from Ikea, the gourds were purchased during our pumpkin carving party, and the champagne flute is the perfect amber brown to fit into the fall theme!

The entrance to the living room can be seen from the kitchen, so I wanted to draw in a few coordinating things. Since I have such colorfully different walls down here, I am trying really hard to bring the room together through decorations. So, the gourds are more from our party, the votive holder is twin to the one in the kitchen, the orange dish is another piece I got from my aunt, and the rooster normally sits on the kitchen table but has been relocated because I felt this arrangement needed some height.


Overall, I’m really pleased that we moved the end table here and I look forward to decorating it with each season- what a strange thing to look forward to… I’m definitely feeling old.


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