That little bit extra

My grandmother, in typical fashion, saw that I wanted a table runner and immediately got to sewing. She’s awesome like that.

How cute is this table runner?! Nonna sewed it in just one day then put together a package with a few other things and mailed it to me just in case anyone comes over before I get to see her. I love that the black and orange fit perfectly for halloween, but that it’s got the sunflowers and some brown so that I can really keep it out through Thanksgiving.

 It really is exactly what my lonely centerpiece needed. It’s not super long so it doesn’t overpower the table and we can still eat around it- there’s just two of us and the table’s up against a wall so we just leave it pushed back all the time. I added the strand of pearls to the centerpiece tray as well; I’m not crazy about them, but they’ll do for now.





In addition to the table runner, she also sent a few placements and a lace doily. The place mats are a nice bright white so they work really well with the end tables in the living room:

I think it really brings things together!

I just love those little spider candle holders.


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    • She is the best :). I’m not crazy about the pearls either– I wanted some hay or some rafia, but I’m pretty sure the cats would eat it. So I might leave it naked!

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