Matt & I thought we had 2-3 more weeks to prepare our yard before the first heavy snowfall, but the news is reporting up to 10 inches by morning so we had some serious work to do. Usually when they say 10 inches we only get 4 or 5, but even that would destroy the pool and make everything else an inconvenience to get done so better safe then sorry!

I’ve shown the yard very seldom, if at all, on this blog because it is an abomination– but I’m proud of all we got accomplished this morning so here it goes- try not to snicker.

  This is a view of the yard from right in front of the pool. Any green you see is astro turf, not real grass. The wooden box around the house is a make shift sandbox, which I’m pretty sure the squirrels have taken control of. The shed faces the driveway, not the yard, so you have to leave the yard to access anything in it. The smaller shed that’s actually inside the yard is completely infested with mushrooms and mold. We have a lot of work ahead of us… but when it’s nice, it’ll be nice and huge.




 Here’s a view of the yard from the… basketball court? Yeah, basketball court. That’s got to go as well, I don’t know what these people were thinking. However, in this picture you can see the flood light that, as of today, actually works! Thanks Matt! The switch to the light is in the bathroom, which is that window right next to it. So if you want to spy on the people in the yard while you pee you’re all set….

The picnic table is pretty tore up and rusted, but I think I may be able to fix it enough for it to last another year or two so we’re going to hang on to that and see how winter treats it. We have nowhere to store it, so it’ll need to brave the outdoors. God speed, picnic table!






In addition to getting a bulb for the light in the yard, Matt also replaced the bulb for the sensor light in the driveway. We were really hopeful that it was just a blown bulb and not a broken sensor, so it was a huge relief when it actually turned on. I’m pretty pleased that the previous owners left this sweet ladder behind, too!









While Matt enjoying rough-tough-man-on-a-ladder work I got to play with our new staple gun! One of the panes in the shed window is missing, so I staple gunned a heavy duty trash bag from the inside and duct tapped it on the outside. Sorry squirrels, you got the sandbox but the shed is ours!






 We worked together to close up the pool, to the best of our ability. We really have no idea what we’re doing with this thing so we just wrapped up everything that appeared to need wrapping and we’re letting the ladder drain out and then hopefully it’ll fit in the shed!