Before and After

I’ve been a little bummed that progress has come to a temporary stop around here due to our busy schedules, so since the daylight savings time change has me up at an absurd hour I figured I’d put together some befores and afters for the downstairs- it sure did brighten my mood:


Of course this room isn't done yet- we still need to replace the rocking chair, get a rug, and get window dressings. Overall though, I think this room has been the biggest change so far. Don't you?


I absolutely love our yellow kitchen. I know I need to hang something up on the wall behind the table, but I just can't figure out what yet. Eventually I'm going to redo the countertop as well because of stains and scratches, but for now this room is the most done.


This room is the farthest from being finished, but is looking the most like I want it to. I spent so much time imagining what my house would be like, before I even found a house to buy, and of all the rooms I pictured this one is the closest to my imagination. I can't wait to get a rug and two chairs in there!