DIY Victory!

Finally, I have completed a DIY project in a somewhat timely manner! I have created cake stands in time to host my Papa’s birthday this weekend! He may not care about these adorable little works of art, but I’m really quite pleased with them.

Like all my projects, this one wasn’t without a few failures and poorly executed steps….

I got 2 glass plates and 2 martini glasses from the dollar store and hot glue gunned the bottom of the plate to the top of the glass. It's messy, but no one looks at that part anyway! PS- How freaking cute is my canister set?! It's my favorite.

This whole process took less then 10 minutes, and to be honest they looked pretty ok sans paint. But I like my crafts jazzy so I dived onward! As for my cats, they are just as in love with the plastic bags as I am with what was in them.


And here comes the failure: I tried to spray paint the cake stands, like all my blog idols told me to, but gosh I am a horrible spray painter. They came out streaked, puddled, and disgusting. I even tried a second coat to see if it would correct itself, and I only made things worse.


Once the spraypaint dried I moved on to old faithful- craft paint. I painted three coats on the dish part (to hide the spraypaint) and two coats on the martini glass. You can see here I attempted to paint on an actual stenciled pattern, but that was another horrible failure so I quickly wiped it off and moved onto something more my speed: I used a toothpick to add some spots. .And yes, for inquiring minds, that is my Batman coffee mug in the strainer- don't hate.



Tomorrow I'll seal off both cake dishes with some modge podge spray and they'll be set and ready to party on Sunday!



This whole project cost me $4. I already had the glue gun, craft paint, and modge podge spray so all I had to buy was the dishes and glasses. I am so excited! I have no idea how they’ll hold up when they actually need to be washed, but for $4 and a few hours of work I don’t much care.



2 thoughts on “DIY Victory!

  1. Oh little cousin! I am going to make those cake holders for cupcakes for the baby shower I’m throwing soon! Fabulous idea! I’m working with a Christmas theme so we’ll see what I do. And modge podge??? Honey, you would have loved your great Aunt Mary..she loved her modge podge back in the day!

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