Hitting the Dusty Trail

What may seem like a small victory to you all you cyperspacers has been a TWO AND A HALF YEAR battle on my home front. And finally, the battle has been won. By me. Muah ha ha!!


What is this wild west scene, you may be wondering. Where would a grown couple display such a childish platform, you may want to inquire. And I answer: on our bed. This, ladies and gentlemen, is our sheet set. Cowboys. Cowboys riding horses, cowboys sitting on fences, cowboys hanging out by a woodsy house. Cowboys everywhere! And I hate each and every cowboy.

Finally, after an eternity these sheets have started to be worn through and have developed holes. I am able to win the wild west without argument or trickery! They have holes, they’ve got to go! Can I get a HECK YEAH?!

Yesterday, immediately after work, I went to Walmart (where all the classy sheets are…) and got a new fluffy mattress pad and a grown up sheet set. I almost shed a tear of joy.




Behold! The wonderful, grown up world of paisley! These sheets may  not have a high thread count, but they sure have my heart. So long partners, it’s time for patterns!


It really is the little things in life.