I had today off because of Veteran’s day, so I tried to sharpen up as much as I could in preparation for my family coming over on Sunday. I must say I’m pretty pleased with all I accomplished:

  • created a pennant “happy birthday” banner for the kitchen (pictures to come on Sunday)
  • ordered a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting from the most delicious bakery in town
  • baked delicious pumpkin spice cookies and I am displaying them on one of my home made cake stands
  • 2 loads of laundry (woot woo)
  • swept floors, cleaned countertops
  • hung some sort work in the bedroom
  • bought shelves to install in the bedroom so we can put up more pictures (need to get a drill bit tomorrow so we can actually hang the shelves
Whew! I am feeling good!
While I was at Home Depot buying the shelves, I also picked up a sample size paint jar to test out something I saw on Pinterest:
I notoriously save glass bottles and jars of all kinds, because you just never know when you need a glass bottle. 
What I meant to do was pour just enough paint in so that I could swirl it around and create a design on the inside of the bottle, but I poured way to much paint in so I just ended up coating the whole thing. I created a funnel with some printer paper and just poured it on in. I swirled it all around, then pour the extra paint right back in the container to use for something later.
I chose green so I can use it in a Christmas centerpiece I’m planning, and I think I’ll go back and get red so I can try it one more time and get the swirl effect right. The samples are just $3!